∂єαя νι∂α ,
You the most amazing friend I have , the fact that we gonna get apart for more than 10 days,hurts but I know that when I come back , you will be here , by my site .You stay when the others walk away . Iran is about far-far away from Greece
but who cares ? We are mentally together always.
Also we are officially Crazy Fangirls & we are
totally proud of it . We are Directioners that means:
We are not obsessed , we are dedicated &
We are not friends , we are family <33
Summer , is always a hard period for fanpop , I join fanpop the last August so It never need to leave it for holidays...This time I have to but
I will always find time for it .
Vida you own big part of my heart .
When I first add you [ you had that awesome Nina icon ] I knew that you would be important to me in future , so I fix you this club to make you smile.
We are both , totally random , DElena , Fanpopers & besties as never before <333

You mean the world to me .
I know your article was more stunning I just
want to say that I love you & I will miss you.

I love you Vida Never Forget it <333