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Vikings: The Look of A Viking

Vikings - Helga Leaves Floki

Vikings Season 3-02 Björn Proposes to Porunn

Vikings 3x05 Rollo finds out about Siggy's Death

Vikings 3x04 Siggy's Death & Ragnar Lothbrok's Two Sons

Bjorn & Porunn // Summertime Sadness VIKINGS

Lagertha - Jar of hearts / Vikings

Lagertha & Ragnar // Always Togheter VIKINGS

Vikings - Never Let Me Go (Ragnar/Athelstan)

Vikings Season 4: Official #SDCC Trailer (Comic-Con 2015)

Rollo Tribute || Redemption

Vikings | Ragnar & Bjorn | | Their Journey (S3 Tribute)

Ragnar & Athelstan || Truth

Ragnar\Athelstan - A man like no other

King Ragnar Lodbrok | "No light, No light"

Vikings || How Fare the Gods

► in my end you are my beginning; [ragnar † æthelstan]

Ragnar x Athelstan | Wherever You Go

Ragnar & Athelstan || I'm in here. [AU]

Vikings - Season 4 Teaser

Ragnar Lodbrok ✗ I'm gonna do my thing

Athelstan & Ragnar | How Am I Supposed To Die

self righteous suicide ◘ ragnar & athelstan

Ragnar / Æthelstan ; far away

Ragnar & Athelstan || Without You

Vikings || Ragnar & Athelstan || Light Carries On

vikings | Where is your soul ?

Ragnar and Rollo - Kill 'Em All (Vikings)

EXCLUSIVE! 'Vikings': Ragnar and Floki Aren't on the Same Page After Dramatic Death

Athelstan & Ragnar | I Ache From Your Loss

Athelstan & Ragnar | I Will Follow You Into The Dark

(Vikings) Athelstan Tribute || If I Could

Athelstan Tribute || Born Again

ragnar/athelstan - shelter

Vikings || Ragnar/Athelstan || Can You Hear Heaven Cry?

Take Me to Church: Ragnar/Athelstan (Vikings)

Vikings/ Athelstan/Ragnar Lothbrook

Lagertha & Ragnar | Just how your love can do

Vikings | Ragnar Lothbrok Tribute

Athelstan | Neither Christian, Nor Pagan (Vikings)

Siggy Tribute || Loyalty To The End

Vikings ➤ Phoenix

RIP Torstein - Vikings

Athelstan II The Preacher

Ragnar & Lagertha (Vikings) - I'll never find someone quite like you

Athelstan/Judith ➤ TMWYKAL

Ragnar Lothbrok | We Want War

Vikings Tribute - Oh Death

Torstein Tribute || I come to you

damn your eyes (athelstan x judith)