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Can Men Multitask?

Hilarious video. Are men better at multitasking than women?

Insane Viral Video from LG > 4 mill in 2 weeks

Out of the box

You wanna become a Maiko in Kyoto?

A Malaysian vlogger showing you how to experience Maiko in Kyoto.

The Country Bride of Frankenstein

Funny video featuring the Bride of Frankenstein. If you don't know the definition of the word "pulchritude", you will by the end of the video!

King Luan - There Are No Gnomes in Sweden

Music video.
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Funny special effects guy

Dude doing effects in a funny way

Girls Get Down.

Ratchets fighting each other then more girls jump in

CAN I GO VIRAL? - Episode #2: Black Ghosts

CAN I GO VIRAL? follows the life of young entertainer David Waugh on his journey to create a viral Youtube video as a way to further his career in Los Angeles.

A Real Life Black Ghost Encounter by David Waugh from 'CAN I GO VIRAL?'

CAN I GO VIRAL? docu-series bonus clip While recording David Waugh, the light goes out by itself... is it a black ghost?

This will be the most amazing putt putt shot you'll ever see in your lifetime