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Magic Nuko Len Len~

i love this song, Len-kun XD

96Neko-Trick and Treat

So creepy ;-;


Mother Mushroom - Miku Hatsune

Mu-shi-roo-oom~ :)

Kohona's State of the World - Miku and IA

Yay! A duet with IA-chan! :3 Too bad it had to be a [somewhat] sad song D:

Heat-Haze Days - Miku Hatsune

My Crush was a Monster Boy - Gumi

WELL DONE GUMI-CHAN~!! I adore this song!! ^^

go go mario

My Miku Hatsune Demos

This is for you Vocaloid01_Miku! I SUCK! XD

Vocaloid-Smiling Together