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Vocaloids Question

what is a 'Pitchloid' and what do you think about it ?

i heard about pitchloid before but, i don't know what is it. i know vocaloid but pitchloid ?!
And, people at DA thinks that pitchloid is a copy of Vocaloid

please help me
 Blue_Vanilla posted over a year ago
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Vocaloids Answers

MegurineLuka said:
A Pitchloid is basically a vocaloid who's pitch is fixed using an original vocaloid voice.
Basically i do have a problem with it but i let people do what the want to do.
*Below is an example of a pitchloid*
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posted over a year ago 
ok... i dont like pitchloid. weird voice.
katzneko posted over a year ago
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