It was a typical day for the Vocaloids. They have just finished recording their latest song and are exhausted. Leaving their studio building, they say their farewells as each of them headed home. Miku, while exhausted, was starting to have a form of boredom. For most of the hour she paced around and around from the living room to the kitchen pondering on what else she could do. Hour after hour, she couldn’t think of anything. She decided to watch a little TV. Flipping channels, she started to drift to sleep until one channel caught her attention. It was a channel about roller-skating- something she has never done before. Happy by this, Miku decided to go out and buy her own roller blades. With luck, she bought a wonderful pair that has her name on it. After taking the skates out of the box and putting them on, she was ready to start skating. She tried to skate around in the kitchen sense that part of the house had right kind of material used for roller blades. However, upon reaching the kitchen she suddenly fell on her back. A fall like this could’ve done serious injury, but Miku was apparently tougher than anyone as she slowly regained her balance. She tried once more to skate, but once more fell. After trying for the fifth time, she started to throw a fit. She removed the skates from both of her feet with anger and dropped them on the soft carpet with brute force. She was so angry because she can’t learn to skate in roller blades.

After a few hours, Miku was still sobbing over her failed attempt to roller skate. She couldn’t eat her supper and she couldn’t watch TV without thinking of her defeat. But in a flash, she had an idea- if she can’t learn how to skate, her friends probably knew how to and could help her. With a big smile, she grabbed the skates while locking the front door. She made her way to Rin and Lin’s place but realized they weren’t home. She decided to stop by the town park to find someone who could teach her. With luck, she noticed that Meiko and Kaito were nearby chatting together. Miku walked up to them slowly and showed them her new roller blades. Both Keito and Meiko were impressed by them. Miku then asked them if they knew how to skate. The two looked at each other for a second, turned back at Miku and shook their heads together. Miku’s expression would soon fade into sadness once more. But Keito added that he’d always wanted to learn how to and said that he and Meiko would teach her. Jumping for joy, Miku was all happy- she will finally get the chance to learn how to skate, with Meiko and Keito’s help.

After a while, Keito and Meiko returned to the park with their own new pair of roller blades. Miku waited for them and was excited. Everyone started to take their shoes off and put their rollers on. Keito stated that the first lesson in learning how to skate was to balance perfectly so no slip ups would happen. Miku tried her hardest to balance herself, but she suddenly fell on her bottom on the concrete. Keito and Meiko helped her and asked if she was alright. She giggled and gave a little wink responded that she was fine. With another go, Miku once again tried to balance herself but proved nothing as she once more fell. For two more tires, she kept falling and falling until she started getting bruises on both of her knees. Miku wanted to cry but knew she couldn’t. Keito decided it was time for her to take a break and guided her to the nearest bench. Meiko came back with an ice cream cone and gave it to Miku hoping it would cheer her up. It did indeed make her happy and both Keito and Meiko smiled. The two decided it was time for them to take lessons together now and roller out into the open. Although Miku was feeling better, she still couldn’t over her accidents. What could’ve gone wrong? She kept thinking and thinking through but couldn’t figure out anything. Suddenly, her thoughts were blown away when she heard a loud wail. Looking at the sight of the sound, she gasped knowing that it was Meiko who fell and scrapped her leg. Keito tried to calm her down while helping her up but he too fell on top of her. Scared, frightened and getting over her problems, Miku jumped off the bench and tried her hardest to skate to them. While she made her way to them, she started having unbalancing actions and suddenly fell on top of both Meiko and Keito.

Everything turned out to be a disaster- Meiko, Keito and Miku were all helpless with their rollers on. It was past dark and the three didn’t move or budge. Miku however started to cry. Keito and Meiko did everything they could to get her to stop, but nothing helped. It was then that Rin and Lin heard the commotion and helped them all up. Asking what they were doing, Keito, Meiko, and Miku explained the whole situation. Rin and Lin could only look at each other and laughed hard. Meiko, Keito, and Miku frowned as they didn’t find any of this funny. That was when Rin explained that it was easy roller skating and that they shouldn’t overwork themselves too hard. Agreeing and listening, the three nodded and stated that they would try to learn how to do it together with calm and time. As the next day arrived, Miku got up, dressed, and ready for her first day of roller blading learning. Everyone met at the park. Miku, Keito, Meiko, Rin, Lin, Teto, and Gumi all arrived for the learning. Because they were mostly the experts, Rin and Lin were their teachers. As the lesson started, Rin made the first move but soon fell on her left leg. Everyone gasped and Lin came to help. Rin smiled and said she was alright. Lin helped her up. But before anything else happened, someone darted passed them. Everyone tried to get a good look at who passed by them in such a hurry, but didn’t see very well. When the thing stopped, everyone gasped to see that it was the chibi form of Miku who had her rollers on and was riding like a pro. Everyone was shocked at first, but got a good laugh out of it. Looking at them with confusion, the chibi Miku just smiled again and roller skated her way. Realizing that she was gone, everyone paused and started dashing after her- hoping she could help them.