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Guide by SusieSawaya posted 9 months ago
fan of it?
I have come across so many tips on fashion over the years, so today, I went ahead and captured not only the tips I love, but the tips which I personally use and vouch for on a regular basis!

I selected my favourite fashion emergency tips that you can utilise, simply by carrying these items on you, in your handbag – your very own Fashion Emergency Kit.

I can sense your anticipation! So let’s begin with tip number 10 and count down, shall we?

Tip 10 – Collect them and package them in Bare Naked Style!

The very first tip I have for YOU is to get yourself this adorable little clear purse for your handbag.

Did you just ask me a very loud and distinct ‘Why?’

Well here’s your answer! BECAUSE you want to go out and spoil yourselves by purchasing these handy fashion emergency items, and then when you do, you are going to neatly want to place them in this gorgeous, feminine and neat purse.