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Opinion by Pinkyfan333 posted over a year ago
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Hi fans. Im trying to become a voice actor and I need your help. How should and where should I start in order to become a voice actor? I have done skits and been in a small play. I am gonna try radio. Give me your opinion. I have always been intersted in voice-actingwith your help I can become what i have always wanted. please I need your alls help. Send me a message for tips or post comments here. Give me your honest opinion. Thanx a bunch and feel free to become my friend. :)

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List by dustfinger posted over a year ago
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"An all-new series of over 120 M&M’s commercials, featuring five colourful M&M characters, will be shown on television and movie theatres in all 50 U.S. states, mostly between 2012 and 2015. – At the end of every M&M’s commercial, the announcer will say “It’s a chocolatey, colourful life – M&M’s!”

In all of these commercials, viewers can hear the colourful M&M’s characters talk, whereas half of over 120 M&M’s commercials, viewers can hear real-life people communicating mostly by human actions. The following voice-over actors are reprising their roles as five colorful M&M’s characters in all of these commercials, here’s a list:

* Billy West – the voice of Red M&M
* J.K. Simmons – the voice of Yellow M&M
* Cree Summer – the voice of Green M&M
* Robb Pruitt – the voice of Blue M&M
* Eric Kirchberger – the voice of Orange M&M"