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Opinion by Windrises posted over a year ago
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There are several talented voice actors. This list is about my top 5 personal favorites. Special thanks goes to all these voice actors.

5. Seth MacFarlane

In addition to being 1 of the funniest people of all time Seth MacFarlane is a really talented voice actor. He's played various characters in Family Guy and American Dad including my 2 favorite Family Guy characters: Peter and Quagmire.

4. Samuel Vincent

Samuel Vincent is a actor who's played a eccentric list of characters: Superdog, Double D, Bugs Bunny, and my favorite guy villain Fisher Biskit. He's great at having several types of voices.

3. Frank Welker

Frank Welker is quite possibly the most dedicated voice actor ever. He's played Fred from Scooby-Doo starting in 1969 and he still plays Fred! I would like to summarize Mr. Welker's career, but it's too long to summarize. It's hard to think of any voice actor who has been in more cartoons than Mr. Welker. He has 1 of the most impressive acting careers in Hollywood.
Opinion by Pinkyfan333 posted over a year ago
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Hi fans. Im trying to become a voice actor and I need your help. How should and where should I start in order to become a voice actor? I have done skits and been in a small play. I am gonna try radio. Give me your opinion. I have always been intersted in voice-actingwith your help I can become what i have always wanted. please I need your alls help. Send me a message for tips or post comments here. Give me your honest opinion. Thanx a bunch and feel free to become my friend. :)

your fan,


List by dustfinger posted over a year ago
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"An all-new series of over 120 M&M’s commercials, featuring five colourful M&M characters, will be shown on television and movie theatres in all 50 U.S. states, mostly between 2012 and 2015. – At the end of every M&M’s commercial, the announcer will say “It’s a chocolatey, colourful life – M&M’s!”

In all of these commercials, viewers can hear the colourful M&M’s characters talk, whereas half of over 120 M&M’s commercials, viewers can hear real-life people communicating mostly by human actions. The following voice-over actors are reprising their roles as five colorful M&M’s characters in all of these commercials, here’s a list:

* Billy West – the voice of Red M&M
* J.K. Simmons – the voice of Yellow M&M
* Cree Summer – the voice of Green M&M
* Robb Pruitt – the voice of Blue M&M
* Eric Kirchberger – the voice of Orange M&M"