Leonel Marshall 50 inch vertical jump - Cuba Volleyball

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My God, those guys can jump! To even think about practising that you're going to need new shoes maybe legs too. Shoes are easier! When buying new volleyball shoes, we first consider our budget. If you have just started playing there is a good chance that you are not going to need the best shoes that money can buy. Most people when first playing volleyball use trainers. One option is to use basketball shoes, but these tend to be too big and heavy. There are a number of cheap shoes you can purchase to get you started, and you don’t have to buy something from the big brands. It’s not only Asics and Mizuno that supply good quality shoes, even if they do dominate the market.
If you do get volleyball shoes you can’t wear them outside timber or vinyl courts as you will damage the soles. Which means that you are restricted to two pairs of shoes which can be a pain. I know some people who wear these shoes like normal shoes, but with their soft soles you will chew them up quickly. My advice is to get the shoes that match your playing ability. If you are competing at state level or above then you have a good excuse for looking at shoes of the best quality.
If you are new to the game you are best advised not to wasting money on something you may or may not get good use from. Volleyball shoes are important, but not everything.
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