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posted by LukeElite
Chapter 1: New Beginning

One hot sticky summers day Nova was relaxing by a shimmering lake overlooking the thick forest. He was just enjoying the little things in life, nacre and the beautiful, no, stunning surroundings of 'New Oak Forest' it's rich range of trees which are covering almost the howl surrounding area.

"what...a Beautiful but incredible lake" said softly by Nova a huge pred about 65ft tall he was, his giant paws can crush respectable small cottage in one stomp; his neck is strong but soft and tight; his wings that carry his Wight, tail off of his body is covered in a distinct of eye caching of pink, green and purple. Very beautiful in starchiest "hhhhhhh" sighs the huge beast gazing out into the lake. As Nova got up to take a little walk he spotted a little eevee by one of his gigantic paws giving it a stroke "hehe" giggles nova "hmmmm" thinking to him self as the eevee continued to stroke.

He is realizing that this little eevee liked him very much so he desired to give her a little play "your so sweet stroking my paw like that" said Nova "ooh they are just so soft" cried the eevee happily "maybe I should give you a little I don't know...soft Stomping?""ooh yes that would be grate" said the eevee. Suddenly Nova bran his paw high up a both this little eevee and stomped on it surprisingly softly "ohhhhhhhh big boy" Cried the eevee as she nuzzles the paw pads "awww" smiles Nova "I didn't quiet get your name?""ugh it's elven"small voice muffled under paw "nice name IM nova^^" as nova said that he starts to rub agents elven "oh-hehehehe" giggled elven.

"Hmmmm you like that?" Softly says nova "hmmm yes I do my big boy!" elven replied Nova removes paw off and picks her up gently in hands "you must really like me" nuzzles Nova as he takes her deep into the forest leaving huge paw prints in the mud.
posted by shadowlover100
after a few seconds i heard that snake let out a large throaty belch the he placed one of his clawed hands on me but i think he was just rubbing there. i herd a purring noise coming from him i punched the wall again. in reaction he just said " Im sorry but our deal was a meal" to this comment i kicked him and replied "yes A meal but this is stupid" but to this comment he said "yes a meal and for there you are the meal". he seemed very smug at this point but it was pointless trying to yell for help because he was the only help i ever got. after a few hours he got up but then he fell onto his...
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posted by shadowlover100
one day like any other until some ghastly robbers came and robbed the banks. out of the blue some wired creature came and said to me "how about i help with this problem but in return i wish for a meal" i was overwhelmed with his offer and what he wanted in return so i agreed to his terms. After a few hours he returned covered in some sort of red liquid covering his body i thought to me self "is that actually blood" but before i could say any thing he handed me two large bags filled with the stolen money. as promised i let him has his meal but he had something else in plan that the meal i promised....
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