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The fans pick: Walker and Alex
The fans pick: Cordell Walker
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The fans pick: Trent Malloy
james trivette
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Makinmichael said …
My name is Michael. I would like to be your friend. In the
episode "Family Matters" can you tell Nicky not to put a
gun in people's face and not to strangle the boy. I would
love to be Texas Ranger too. I would love to help people
and I don't want to see the lady dead anymore. I want her
to be alive. Posted over a year ago
fnonenmacher said …
I am a big fan. I am also a big fan of Walker and Alex. I really enjoy their scenes together. I hope in the future that they get married and start a family. Walker, Texas Ranger has a great cast. I love the characters such as CD, Trebett, Alex, and Walker. I am visiting my granddaughter and her husband in Houston, TX. I am having a great time watching Walker, Texas Ranger everyday. Posted over a year ago
fnonenmacher commented…
I would like to see Alex and Walker married and start a family. over a year ago
SentinelPrime89 said …
Man, I still love this show. Posted over a year ago
DuCainefan1 commented…
Me too! over a year ago