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News by PrueFever posted 1 month ago
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Jodi Benson.
It's often been said that good things come to those who wait. But no one knows that axiom better than voice actor Jodi Benson. Who had to wait a full year after handing in her The Little Mermaid audition tape before Jodi then learned that she had won the role of a lifetime.

"Back in the Fall of 1986, I was appearing in Smile, a Broadway musical that Howard Ashman had written with Marvin Hamlisch. Given that Howard and Marvin were such huge talents, everyone thought that this show would run forever. But that isn't what happened with Smile. It closed at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre after just 48 performances in January of 1987," Benson recalled during a recent phone interview.

"Now at this point, Howard had just begun pre-production on The Little Mermaid at Disney. And he genuinely felt bad that Smile had closed so quickly. Which is why he then invited all of the girls from that show to come audition for Ariel," Jodi continued. "So I -- just like everybody else in Smile -- laid down my audition on an old-fashioned, reel-to-reel tape. And this tape was then sent into the powers-that-be at Disney with no names or pictures attached. They were just listening to...
Guide by PrueFever posted 1 month ago
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PrueFever aka Jørgen with his idol, Prue Halliwell aka Shannen Doherty.
Life has never been easy for PrueFever aka Jørgen Jørgensen (J.J. for short). When his mom started drinking alcohol a few weeks after his birth, his father did the same thing a couple of years later, which led to Social Service removing him and his sisters from home and placed them in different Foster Homes in Denmark. Then in 1997 J.J. was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, although on the mild end of the ASD spectrum. Then in 2007 his mother died and in 2008 his father was killed. And yet, when Fanpop met up with him in Planet Hollywood in London, it was a fresh, smiling young man we met. Ordering his favorite Burger from the menu, we sat down and had a good chat about Fanpop, Disney and Life in General.

Fanpop: Hello Prue, or Jørgen as your real name is. First of all, thank you for taking time to do this Interview with us.

Jørgen: Oh no, I'm the one who should be thanking you for this interview! It's quite an hornor!

Guide by PrueFever posted 2 months ago
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The Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters: From Mickey Mouse to Hercules by
John Grant

Walt Disney Character Description of Thomas from "Pocahontas" (1995)

A callow youth, Thomas epitomizes the changing mood of the settlers. When we first see him he is kissing his mother goodbye on the dock in London - they may never see each other again. Within an instant, however, he is enthusiatic about the challenge of the voyage and by the prospect of serving with the great "savage" slayer John Smith. Later Smith saves his life as, during the storm at sea, Thomas very courageously attempts to save a cannon from being washed overboard. But Thomas, despite his valor, is no master of the martial arts; derided on occasion by Ratcliffe, he is nevertheless sent by him into the forest in pursuit of Smith, and it comes as a surprise - to Thomas and us when he shoots dead the murderous Kocoum, for beforehand Thomas has done nothing much with his musket except miss whatever target he has aimed at. Smith sends him back with his tail between his legs to the stockade, and for the first time, it seems, Thomas begins to realize his error...