The new queue area for Space Mountain.
The "new and improved" Space Mountain recently opened at Walt Disney World. Frankly, I don't see what the fuss is all about.

The queue area is much improved. The games look cool. I only got to play for a minute because when I went, for once the line was impossibly short. That exceeded my expectations. I was expecting them to be like in Soarin’, which are no fun and totally pointless (but now we're getting off topic).

Inside the waiting area, there is now a barrier between the track and the waiting area so you can no longer see the track from the line. That's better. They added some new lights and gave it a fresh coat of paint, which made it look less like the original Star Trek and more like the new one. It actually kind of looks like a Space port now. They also replaced all of the railings.

On the actual ride, I remain unimpressed. Maybe if I hadn't been to Disneyland nine months before and been on the one there and thought, "Wow, that was so cool, that was so much better than in Disney World," I would have been more impressed. The first part is different. They added a neat little effect, but don’t look anywhere but the opposite direction from where you're turning, or else you get blinded by a camera newly put in. If you want your picture, prepare to see spots for a while. That gave me a headache and left me seeing spots for a while. Then you go up the lift hill. It looks different, but similar to the original one. After that, the ride is almost exactly the same. I knew they weren't adding the cool music like the one in Disneyland. That would have required all new cars, and I already knew that wasn't happening this time.

As far as any claims that it is darker in there, yes it is darker. However, i didn't notice this until about the fifth time around. It depends on which row you're sitting in. They took the stripes off the sides of the cars at an attempt, but I can still see the track. It doesn't leave me completely disorriented like the one in Disneyland where I wonder where I will turn next. The track was supposed to be smoother. I don't believe it. It seems just as bumpy to me as all the other dozens of times I've been on it in the past.

As for the end, well, after you get off, you have a fresh coat of paint on everything again, and a spot to see your picture. They changed the end so that they are no longer trying to convince you that you can send mail from different planets through light. Actually, it isn't really that exciting at the end. They still have the cameras there, but that's updated so that you have a space backround as you pass by.

I went through about six or seven times just to give it a chance. Some of the updating was needed so that it doesn't break down like it used to (I was in one time and every day I was in the Magic Kingdom and tried to get on, it was broken down. Although it did break down while I was on it now that they've improved it, they just pulled us up to the exit and had us get off a few feet from where we're supposed to). My bottom line is still the same though. Although it is updated and somewhat better, Space Mountain does not meet expectations.
It is still the same as before.
The track design for Space Mountain, still the same as before.
The new Space Mountain doesn't live up to Disneyland's high tech, disorrienting Space Mountain
Still the same old Space Mountain that doesn't deserve all the fuss that Disney has put out.