Chapter One- Slashkit padded across the lush green grass. The brisk spring air flowed through his body. Oooh, he thought, I can’t wait until the meeting tonight! I am going to be a medicine cat!!! Excitement flowed throughout his body. He spotted Jayfeather carrying some herbs in his mouth. “Jayfeather!” He exclaimed. Jayfeather almost jumped out of his pelt. He spit out the herbs. “Slashkit!” He spat, “Don’t you know how to be polite?!” “S-sorry Jayfeather.” Slashkit said with his tail drooping. “Jayfeather!” Brightheart padded toward them. “Jayfeather, you are going to be a mentor soon,” She whispered, “Be gentle.” Jayfeather hung his head in shame, “Oh alright. I’m sorry Slashkit.” Jayfeather strided toward his den. He looked back thinking, This will be a lot of work. MEANWHILE: Lionblaze and Dovepaw walked down to the lake with balls of moss filling their cheeks. “Lionblaze,” Dovepaw said looking worried, “I think Jayfeather is upset.” “What? Now? Can’t we go after we get water?” “No. He needs us now.” They ran toward Jayfeather’s den only to see the star struck cat looking like he was only a kit. “Lionblaze,” He said, “Leafpool is dead.”