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Warrior cats of the clans Article

Welcome to Warrior cats of the clans!

Article by Fadingechoes posted over a year ago
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This club is based on the Warriors sieries by Erin Hunter. They're my faviorte books and unless your alredy a warriors fan, it won't be long untill you'r hooked! So wether you'r Tigerstar or Tawnypelt come on in! I also somehow got this realy cool image of Crowfeather and his eyes glow! Plus a nice one of Fireheart and one of spottedleaf. I haven't added many links or images yet so add as many images, videos, answers, and articles as you can!

PS. especially the videos. I can't add them on my computer.☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
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I agree, Warriors are my life as well, i do nothing but read the Warriors series over adn over again, and i know each book by heart, i also just got the new book last Saturday when it came out, i have read one chapter already because i live on a farm in South Dakota and my father says animals always come first, and im in no hurry to finish it, i cant wait to curl up and read it tonite though!!!
posted over a year ago.