1. You sneak around your yard saying "gotta bring a squirrel back for the elders!"
2. You talk to any cat you meet about new kits, battles, warrior cat history ect.
3. You refuse to eat anything out of a tin can or a bowl.
4. You find an orange cat and say "Thank you for saving Thunderclan!"
5. You ask if your family if their in the mood for vole, carp or squirrel that night.
6. You meow around your friends.
7. You hiss at strangers.
8. You call people mouse-brain.
9. You call people frog-brain.
10. You sort everyone you meet (including yourself!) into a clan based on their personalities and characteristics. (got that from Harry Potter houses lol!)
11. You growl deep in your throat when you get angry.
12. You have "border skirmishes" when someone tries to enter your room or house.
13. You declare yourself leader of a made-up clan.
14. You scratch your nails against tree trunks.
15. You trim your nails to points like claws. (I do this full-time!)
16. You lick the back of your hand and rub it on your face (do not do this in front on guests!)
17. You try to catch fish with your bare paws.
18. You eat the fish you catch raw. (I doubt many people will catch a fish like that anyway, but don't get sick from undercooked food!)
19. You offer your friends the raw fish.
20. You open your mouth to breah in scents (actually works for some people but the scents has to be strong enough lol!)
21. You go to gatherings.
22. You walk on all fours.
23. You go up to a black cat and say "Hollyleaf, I missed you!"
24. You keep a medicine stock (be sure not to let the herbs dry out!)
25. You recount famous clan battles.
26. You grow whiskers (the cat kind! Lol)
27. You twitch your face like you've caught a scent.
28. You come up with your own distinctive battle-yowl.
29. You have regular border patrols. You know walk the perimeter of your front yard each day.
30. You (try) to move gracefully.
31. You attack dogs (I don't recommend this!)
32. You give every one warrior car names. Be sure to make it according to age(really young -kit, young -paw, young adult and over -claw/heart/pelt ect.)
33. You purr when your happy.
34. You call spoiled people kitty-pets.

Thank you! If one of the Erin Hunter's see's this I hope you like it!