Firestar raced home over the hills, not only did he need to get

back to his clan Spottedleaf shoud have kitted by now!

He walked into camp as slow as he could, but then he heard

Spottedleaf shout "Firestar!" in extreme pain.

He ran as fast as his legs would let him, when he got there six

beautiful kits were suckling milk from Spottedleaf.

" Let us name them Firestar" Spottedleaf said in a calm voice.

"Of course" Firestar replied.

They decided the names of the kits, the siver one with white

speckles was Starkit, the pure black kit was Shadowkit, the kit

with gray-blue fur was Riverkit, the kit with yellowish fur was

Thunderkit, the white kit with slender legs and breeze blown fur

was Windkit, and the kit who looked just like her father was

"They are so beautiful Spottedleaf all strong and healthy they

will be the best warriors in the clans!" Firestar said excidedly

Spottedleaf chuckled " Firestar call a clan meeting".

"Yes Spottedleaf" Firestar called the meeting right away.

"Cats of SunClan I would like you to meet the new members of

our clan Starkit, Shadowkit, Riverkit, Thunderkit, Windkit, and

Sunkit!" Firestar announced.

The clan cheered.

"I will elect a deputy today. Graystripe step forward." Firestar

said calmly. " You will be my new deputy"

Graystripe stepped forwardan and was by then the deputy of


"There is a gathering tomorrow and SunClan will go, but who will

stay and guard camp?"Firestar asked.

"I will Firestar" Sandstorm said.

"Thank you, Sandstorm" Firestar dipped his head.

" Let's go SunClan!" Firestar mowed.

When they arrived the gathering was about to begin. There were

mouths open,whispering, gasping,and more. Firestar jumped on

to the high rock,Graystripe sat where the deputies sat, and the

clan sat with the other clans below the high rock.

" Fireheart it is good to know your ok, you need to go off the

high rock leaders only remember" Bluestar said behind him.

He did not jump he calmly turned around " Hello Bluestar, how

are you?"

"I am fine, but you need to get off the high rock Fireheart"

Bluestar said with annoyance.

" But, I cannot Bluestar" he said patiently.

"Why is that Fireheart?" she said still annoyed.

" Frist of all my name is Firestar now, so say my name and

second of all I am leader of my own Clan the great Sunstar

himself gave me my Frist life. I am leader of SunClan." he said


TO BE CONTINUED .............