Moonlight shined overhead as the two toms talked quietly their heads close together. One was a golden tabby, the other was smaller with light grey fur.
The golden tom flicked his ear "Have StarClan told you anything that could help us?"
The grey tom's tail lashed in anger "StarClan have spoken to me, but what they say won't help at all. They think that each clan must stand alone if they are to survive. They don't see that the only way to survive this is if all the clans work together."
The other blinked in surprize, "Surely StarClan knows what's best, though. Maybe they're right."
"You don't know that, and we won't know that until the Dark Forest attacks- and by then it will be too late." The grey tom stood up and began to make his way back to camp.
The golden tom stood up, "Jayfeather, wait." he called as he went after him. A pair of eyes glittered from up in a tree, watching them as they dissapeared.
As soon as he was sure that the two toms were gone, another tom sat up in the tree. His pale brown tabby pelt and green eyes hid him well in the trees and it was used to his advantage and many other cats like him.
He turned around and began leaping tree to tree back toward his own territory. For a normal clan cat it would be easier to cross the moor, but the tom didn't want to be seen and passed by the moon pool instead.
As soon as he was nearing the camp in his own clan territory he ran down the trunk of a tree to find hiself back on the ground.
A dark brown tabby she-cat and a russet colored tom were waiting for him.
"Treeleaf," the she-cat mewed, "You're back. How are things in TunderClan?"
"They have recieved a sign from StarClan. I will discuse it tomarrow in a branch meeting. Let's get back to camp before we're missed."