The breeze was pulling at Rainwhisker's fur as he crouched into a hunter's stance. The brown mouse was nibbling on a seed. His tail twitched as the mouse sniffed the air. The mouse perked up just as Rainwhisker pounced. It let out a squeal as he delivered the death bite. Rainwhisker bowed his head and muttered, "Thank you Star Clan." A new scent enters the air and Rainwhisker tilts his head. "Grayflower, what are you doing?" he meowed, looking to a clump of ferns behind him. The beautiful light-gray she-cat crept out. "Watching you hunt." she admitted. Her blue eyes flashed and Rainwhisker felt his pelt grow warm. "Oh, well would you like me to walk to back to camp?" he meowed, shifting his paws as he bent to pick up the mouse. "Sure." Grayflower meows, jumping next to Rainwhisker. "I think Splashstar will be very pleased with your catch." she commented innocently. "Thanks." Rainwhisker mumbled around the mouse. "So Rainwhisker, how are you feeling about Honeyfeather?" He stops and stared Grayflower. "What?" he exclaims. Grayflower twitched her ears. "It's not good to keep pain locked up. How are you dealing with her death?" Rainwhisker flinched at thinking of his first love. Honeyfeather was a beautiful honey colored she-cat with green eyes. Her death had been tragic, and quite honestly, Rainwhisker was not taking it well. She died while battling with Night Clan. A heartless tom named Scarclaw had killed her brutally and left her to suffer. He narrowed his eyes. "I'm fine, Grayflower. Don't ask me about Honeyfeather, please." The she-cat stares at him a moment before softening her voice. "Look, I didn't mean-" she mewed quietly. "I know, it's okay. I just can't talk about it, not yet. So please don't." Rainwhisker meowed, stalking ahead. Grayflower silently followed after the dark gray tom. His head was lowered as he set foot into Splash Clan's camp. "Nice catch!" called a voice. Rainwhisker perked up to see his brother, Stormeyes, a dark gray tom with bright, blue eyes. "Thanks, Stormeyes." Rainwhisker meows proudly. "Yes, it is." meows another voice. Rainwhisker turns and immediately dips his head as does Stormeyes and Grayflower. "Splashstar, thank you." he meows. The blue-gray she-cat nods at him. "Prey, no matter what size, is important in leaf-fall." she comments. Rainwhisker drops his mouse on the prey pile and sits in the shade of a willow tree. Rain Clan has been doing very well. Recently Blossomheart, a reddish-brown she-cat, had concieved two kits, Foxkit and Mousekit. The two kits resembled their mother closely, and had the blazing green eyes of their father, Brambleheart. Rainwhisker shifted his gaze over to Grayflower, who was now talking to her sister, Silvertail. Silvertail was a beautiful silver she-cat with darker stripes and ocean blue eyes. She was mild-tempered and would put her life on the line for her Clan. But then again, all warriors would. Well almost all. Rainwhisker found Sunstripe weaving his way towards Silvertail. He did not trust Sunstripe at all. That golden tom always had the scent of Night Clan on him when he returned to the warrior's den after a moonhigh patrol. The thought of Night Clan made Rainwhisker shudder. There is nothing more in the world that he would desire more, except to kill Scarclaw. And he would too, even if it meant crossing the border and starting a war.
"Hello Silvertail." meows Sunstripe. Silvertail dips her head to him and Rainwhisker narrows his eyes. "Hello, Sunstripe. How are you?" she meows plesantly. "I'm good. Hey, how would you like to go hunting right now?" She pauses before responding. "I'd love too, let's go." The two young cats walk out of the tunnel that leads to the camp. Jealously pricks Rainwhisker's chest. "I don't understand..." he meows outloud. "What don't you understand?" He jumps as Grayflower speaks. "Great Star Clan Grayflower, you gave me a scare!" The she-cat stifles an amused purr and stares at him. "Well, I'll make sure to announce when I'm talking to you." Rainwhisker flicks his ears. "So, I saw you watching Silvertail. Again." His heart sinks. Grayflower had feelings for him obviously, and Rainwhisker had not even accepted them. "I was just looking for Sunstripe." he meows, the lie settling heavy in his heart. "Right. When hedgehogs fly. You and him hate each other last time I checked." Grayflower sniffs, laying next to him. "Right, um I just-" he murmured. "Don't even." She says with a flick of her tail. "It's obvious you like her." There is a silence between Rainwhisker and Grayflower. "No I don't. It's just she reminds me of Honeyfeather." he whispers. Grayflower stiffens. "I'm sorry." she mews sadly, pulling away from Rainwhisker. "For what?" he asks, sitting up. "Everything. Making things between us so..." she trails as she searches for the right word. "Awkward between us." Rainwhisker lashes his tail. If only I could just admit I have feelings for you too! "You aren't!" he protested. "Honest, you aren't!" Grayflower shakes her head. "I need to clear my mind." And with that, she is out the tunnel. Rainwhisker sits and stares after her. Maybe one day, he could muster up the courage to tell Grayflower that he too loved her. Maybe one day, Honeyfeather's memory would be erased. Maybe one day, his wish would come true. A wish that would take courage and patience. A wish that would take time to fulfill. His wish to become leader of Dusk Clan.