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The fans pick: All of them (wtf of course!)
All of them (wtf of course!)
Awsten Knight (lead vocalist)
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2ntyOnePilots said …
AHahahahh! I just spent probs 2 hours collecting PARX memes, photos, ect...
Parents: Are you doing class work still?
Me: um...yeah! Posted 2 days ago
2ntyOnePilots commented…
I added 125 photos. If you’ve only heard the music, this is... interesting 2 days ago
2ntyOnePilots said …
Dove chocolate is so fucking stupid, YOU CAN BARELY EVEN TASTE THE BIRD MEAT

— Not Awsten Knight (@awsten)
(It’s kinda important, ok?) Posted 2 days ago
2ntyOnePilots commented…
Why do I love these guys. 2 days ago
2ntyOnePilots said …
I remember coming into this fandom as a curious, clueless, teen, fresh out of the shadows of 2000s.
First reaction was “WTF WHY IS 5HIS THE BEST THING IVE HEARD SINCE 2013(ouch) WHY DO I LOWKEY WANT TO BE OBSESSED WITH YET ANOTHER BAND?!” which for me is an ExTrEmE reaction... I had no idea what to 5hink on the basis that most of the time my obsession starts with “oh I like this song, who’s it by, and can I have more?”. XD Posted 2 days ago
2ntyOnePilots commented…
I had a state confusion as to my love of it... n3ve4 been interested in anything this... happy-ish¿ before.... then I was like: Screw it! I love them! 2 days ago
2ntyOnePilots commented…
An$ lastly, I decided to get into the stuff behind the music. I REGRET NOTHING. “They’re just like children?! But not! Is this the incarnation of MCR as fun, crazy, ‘kids’?” “So many inside jokes! Love it!” “5hese music videos are complete shit-shows of art confusion and awesome sick music and I can’t believe how much I stan it.” “AHahahahh I ship it!” “Awweee why is Awesten cussing my will to live!” And then... “oh no. No no no. What am I doing? I’m feeding the monster here. I already hav3 bands I live for. I sho7ld not... FUCK TOO LATE!” 2 days ago