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adavila posted on Mar 26, 2008 at 09:52PM
from where do they get the money I dont get it

who pays them

(ignorant right here) The web??

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over a year ago Jonapello23 said…
No. Just No. They get money from advertisements
over a year ago harold said…
In more detail, but still a very high-level overview: various companies want to advertise their products to a particular audience or audiences. Some of these audiences are online. So they create commercial advertising to put online. Then, either directly or through some third agency (like Google AdSense), they pay web sites to post their advertising. This payment can be in a lump sum for a certain amount of time, remuneration based on the number of times different users actually click on the ad (since most ads are also links to the company's site), or a combination of both. That's why many sites such as Fanpop are festooned with ads; it's how the company Fanpop makes most of its income.
8 months ago Anderson99 said…
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