"Act-Anon" - poster
Calling all Actors! No…not for an audition, but instead to check out the hilarious new web series “Act-Anon.”

This fictional saga follows members of a 12-step style program for friends and family of actors addicted to their craft. Actress Camille Thornton-Alson created the series based on real-life experiences, but isn’t looking to poke fun at actors…just simply laugh along with them.

Camille adds, "I love actors and our craft. I wanted to create a fun and exciting platform for some newer talent to be seen. And, because it’s directly related to the industry, I thought it would be fun to give everyone a midday chuckle.”

Camille stars in the project and has brought in some seriously funny talent for the ensemble cast, including Katie Featherston (“Paranormal Activity” franchise), Matt Iseman (“American Ninja Warrior” host/comedian), Francesca Manzi, Courtney Cook, Emily Habeck, Tyler Langdon, Brian Houtz, Courtney Cunningham, Amy Baklini, Daved Wilkins and Gail Bryson.

Behind the scenes, Camille added Cameraman Corey Weintraub (“Breaking Bad,” “In Plain Sight”) and looked to actress and award-winning indie director Courtney Cunningham, who also appears in the series.

Whether you're an actor or just know one (doesn't everybody?)...you'll want to check out “Act-Anon” at: link
"Act-Anon" - still