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What's your opinion on the eStore?

I'll be honest: I downright HATE the eStore. Ridiculous promos (such as: Free Mystic Moon Bear with every minimum purchase of 75,000 eStore points! That was an actual promo), pixelated items with price tags (Dude, there are plenty of shops in Webkinz World to put that stuff in!), favoritism (*cough* Deluxe Advantage *cough*), and pixelated pets to use as bait to suck up your money. The so-called "geniuses" at Ganz have been too narrow-minded for the past 4 years to realize that the economy is terrible (75,000-100,000 eStore point purchase promos and $45 annual Deluxe are proof) and that a LOT more money would be made if the many, many, MANY eStore pets would be made into plush that EVERYONE could buy. Sorry for the lecture, but if I posted this on Webkinz Newz, Ganz would reject it right away when reviewing it.
 ultrasonic34 posted over a year ago
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Rac801 said:
Agreed. I hate it! Also I hate deluxe. I remember the good ole days when estore and deluxe weren't even a thought. In trading most of the deluxe members are stuck up. not to hate on deluxe members at all but this is just my personal opinion. im sure not all deluxe members are stuck up.
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posted over a year ago 
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