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Happy werewolf songs?

- NO angst
- NO sad notes
- NO rap
- NO vulgar language
- It does not have to be up-beat, just as long as it has a happy attitude or obsession about being a werewolf.
- Preferably from the werewolf's point of view but may be from someone's who knows him.
- The werewolf is a BOY/MAN.

I already have one; "Wolf Like Me" by TV on Radio, so no need to mention that.

 bendaimmortal posted over a year ago
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Werewolves Answers

foxyroxanne said:
>.> <.< i dont know any BUT!!! i Know A Happy Song called Happy Song so use that...>.> <.<
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posted over a year ago 
Thanks but I'm looking for happy werewolf songs.
bendaimmortal posted over a year ago
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