I combined a few surveys/questionares into one. See the first comment for the source links.

- I thought I'd have my original/fan character fill this out because I'm currently focusing on writing about his childhood.
He's a werewolf/wizard in the Harry Potter universe, and he filled this out at age 12. (Because I haven't yet visioned his life in much detail beyond his thirteenth year.)

- A modern day person may wonder why would a kid answer to certain questions there and even that openly, or talk about those matters with his friends, or how could a police officer discipline his child that severely...
So I'll have you know that this child grows up in the 1980's and 1990's England. Corporal disciplining was very common practice back then as it was legal in state schools until 1987 and the 'must-not-leave-a-mark' restriction law for parents did not exsist before 2004.
That era, (in addition to the boy's hard-headed, spirited nature), being also the reason why I included those sections to a questionare about his childhood.


So...Hunter, a 12-years old werewolf/wizard has answered loads of personal questions, helping me detail his life a little bit more.
link is a collage I made of the celebrities whom I imagine to be Hunter's family's looks and voices, (including himself.)


Confess, have you...

...ever eaten dirt?
No, but sand. Not that it would be exactly clean either. Anyway, not since I was three. Dad had poured cod-liver oil in there when I wasn't looking and there's few things I've tried to avoid more than that disgusting stuff. I didn't want to take the risk again. But I'm glad it didn't end on dog pee or something... o.O

Stolen a toy from a friend?
Yep. But back then I called it 'borrowing without asking' because I meant to return it eventually. Of course I was then made clear that it doesn't make a difference. I still think my own definition makes more sense.

Wished more than once for different parents?
No, not even once. Well, maybe mum.

Stolen money from mother's purse?
Many times. But haven't even dreamt of it after I got caught. (Much for my misfortune they also figured out it wasn't the only time.)

Secretly passed off vegetables to the dog during a family dinner?
We've never had a dog or any sort of pet. But I totally would if we did. Instead I tried to sneak them on my sister's plate or hide them in my pockets or somewhere and afterwards flush them down the toilet. I even succeeded in the later, once or twice. They're not actually that awful in the ways my dad found to serve them but I have a problem if I just know or suspect that they're there. Although, some veggies I actually like if they're raw and I can dip them.

Wet the bed during a slumber party?

Sucked your thumb after age five?
Not after age 2!

Stuck a marble up your nose?
I don't remember but quite possibly.


Confess, have you stolen school supplies before?
What do you mean 'before'? School isn't worth breaking the law for, thank you very much.

Spread rumors about a teacher?
Yes, but only quite harmless ones.

Snuck into school after school hours?
Yes. A few times. For reasons my teacher doesn't love me for. ;P


1. What types of punishment do you receive at home?
Scolding, grounding, spanking, and pulling by the ear when taken somewhere but seldom, and loss of priveliges.
Time-outs were tried when I was younger but they never worked – (I always ran off or found a way to entertain myself on the spot instead of sitting there doing nothing like I was supposed to.) Sometimes dad yells but very seldom, he doesn't believe in it so it happens only when he's really really stressed or scared.

2. Who disciplines you?
Dad. Mum doesn't really even try that much. I guess she gave up trying when they swapped places when I was two. (Mum went back to work, dad stayed at home with me and my sister.) They're both working now, but still.

3. How often are you disciplined at home?
About a couple of times a week.

4. Do your parents use positive re-inforcement as well as negative re-inforcement?
Dad uses a fine combination of both. Mum uses only the positive, even bribes me. I suppose she tried disciplining some time, I just don't remember ever thinking of her as any sort of authority figure. I guess she doesn't have it in her...or mothering at all much...and I think she kind of fears me, or rather my wolf. Cool. >;D

5. What types of positive re-inforcement do they use?
Praising of course, or takes us out for something fun, or buys something we want. Or gives extra pocket money.

6. How long does a non-corporal punishment (such as grounding) usually last for?
A week or two.

7. How long does a corporal punishment (such as a spanking) usually last for?
There's no set time, it depends on what it's for and when he believes I've learned my lesson. But anything between a few seconds and a few minutes.

8. If your parent/s smack or spank you as a punishment, do they allow other adults to smack/spank you?
No! And I pity those whose do! Dad would likely have a horrible revenge on any adult who'd lay a hand on me or my sister like that. He could just arrest the person, (he's a police officer), but would likely do more than that. Like I said, the only one he'd allow to, is our mum but she won't. I don't know about her, all I know is she doesn't have legal rights to decide anything about us.
Dad doesn't approve of other people even scolding us, (except of course our school teachers at school time, other police officers and such authority figures in whatever situations they're supposed to.)

9. Do you think that your discipline makes you a more violent and/or hateful person afterwards?
No, not at all.

10. Has your punishment ever made you cry?

11. Who does the spanking in you house?

12. Between what ages did you get spanked?
Started at age 3 and will get until I'm eighteen. So I've been told.

13. What do you get spanked with?
Just his open hand. He considers objects to be dangerous, some even abuse.

14. What offenses do your parents consider deserving of spanking?
Back-talking or other disrespect to them, black lies, stealing or other serious crime, drinking/smoking, deliberately breaking curfew, breaking stuff deliberately, anything really dangerous/life-threatning. There's no second chances with those.
...Disrespect to other adults, disobedience, bad words, less serious lying, and skipping school earn it if happening after a warning or continuously.

15. How often do you get spanked? Weekly, monthly, less, more, etc?
A few times a year.

16. Do you think that your spankings have ever been abusive?
Never. Though mum or my sister may hear it if they're home, but they're family so it doesn't bother me that much. And my sister's nice enough not to tease...Usually.

17. Do any of your friends know that you get spanked by your parents?
Yes, my closest friends.

18. Do you hold a grudge against your parents for spanking you? Or do you love your parents?
I love him more than anything else in this world or in any other. And no I don't hold a grudge for the spankings. Because they're always fair, and I'm sure I'd be dead or worse if he didn't.


1. The best memory related to school/school times?
From muggle state school, fourth grade's summer term when I was 9, the class trip we made to France. I love holidays in foreign lands with my family, but it was cool to be so far away without them. Especially as the supervising adults were easy to fool because they didn't know me well enough if at all. And even when I wasn't in the mood for pranking, there was warmth, adventures, fun and interesting sights…Although in the grown-ups' opinion, some of us boys did not get to know the sights in an appropriate way. But leaving us behind wouldn't have been safe either so we always got to tag along anyway. Ha! I think we were supposed to study there too, but I didn't pay much attention to those parts. We were devided in pairs into host families for the first six days, and then got to spend the last weekend in a 4-star hotel in Paris! I'd so love to re-live that week!
I'd been temporarily expelled from my school the previous autum and was let back in at the beginning of the spring term, so I'm still not sure why they let me come along without my dad as one of the supervising adults – (he couldn't take a holiday week then), but I'm grateful that they did.

2. Where do you go to school?
Dad home-schooled me until I was seven, because he thinks a 5-year old is too young to start in full-blown school preassures and because I was anyway too immature for school at the time.
But then I went to primary school here in Sutton.
Last year I went to Hogwarts, the school of witchcraft and wizardry in Scotland. I was supposed to go there for three years if I wanted to and if all went well, (meaning if I didn't pull any too dangerous stunt with pranks or the wolf.) And it did go well...more or less...but now I still have a one-way ticket to a state secondary school here in Sutton...but I think I'll get over it eventually. Being away from my family for nine months of a year - not being able to see, hear and touch them or even talk to them, was at times hard. And I think I want to become a scientist or a private detective, anyway.

They took me out of Hogwarts mainly because they think I shouldn't be far away from home for most of a year...They hope my relationship with mum would get closer and better in time. But also because a couple of weeks ago I bit my sister on a full moon night. She asked for it, she literally did! I finally had a chance to bite a human! So I didn't care if she'd thought it through or not, (turned out she hadn't). The plan failed because she started to change her mind before my transformation was complete so the bite didn't infect her, only gave her a wolfie characteristic. Come next full moon week and we'll know which.
And, also took me out of Hogwarts because they doen't trust the headmaster Dumbledore's decisions' and Hogwarts' safety anymore. I mean, as the stories got out...He said it was horribly irresponsible to bring a three-headed vicious dog into the school as it is but especially to not have any protection spells against us kids getting into its room. And then there's the wildly spread rumour that Harry fought Voldemort somewhere inside the school! Oh man, that school is the coolest thing ever! But after all this, dad will never ever let me go back. But it's okay. Like I said, I missed my old friends and family and I have muggle-job related dreams.

3. What type of house do you live in? Describe.
It's very cozy. And gets lots of sunlight. It's about 200 square meters, a bit over I think. In the suburbs, a detached two-floored white old-fashioned house. Pane windows, parquerty floors and wallnut doors, red tile leg and dark brown roof. Outter entrance hall...or "hall" because it's really small, like couple of meters or so, but anyway...the inner entrance hall is bigger. Three big bedrooms (or four if you count the one built into the basement that I use on full moon nights), one bathroom and a study upstairs. Large living-room, small wc, dining room and big kitchen downstairs. A closet under the stairs, and open fireplace in the living room and in the dining room. Patio doors in the living room leading to a terrace at the rear yard. In the dining room is an access to a big basement, though a door in the floor. And we have a one-car garage.

4. Do you have a yard? A fence? A swing? Flowers? Trees? A lawn?[/b]
Our front yard is paved with smooth stone but has some bushes and flower beds. There's a red tile wall around it and a gate, and a drive-way. Our rear yard is huge and has full lawn. It has a pond, an apple tree, a maple tree, and many flowers bushes like...red roses, and umm...blue Hydrangeas and...white Rhododendrons and callunas. And those small ever-green spruces. Its fence is wooden and quite high, but in the back there's a hedge wall that is even higher. There used to be a sandbox but it was removed after we grew out of it. There's still a couple of swings, a slide, and a big awesome jungle gym.
In the middle there's a lot of spcase that I use to play ball games. But not baseball though, that's not allowed. And I've been told to be careful with any ball. Which is hard because there really is so much room that I easily forget that I'm near windows and neighbours' yards.

5. Do you have a room of your own, or do you share it with someone else? If so, whom?
I've always had my own roon. But if we have long-time guests, especially more than one, we have to share with my sister. That never goes too well, but at least no one's got permanently damaged yet. If such sharing-need happens during full moon week, I have to share our parents' room.

6. If you moved during your childhood, tell where and when, the family circumstances and reason for the move.
We've moved once. We were born in Wandsworth, London, and lived there with mum and dad in dad's house. He had inherited the house from his grand-dad who raised him from 8-years old on. So he wasn't too eager to sell the house, but when I was five and Freya was almost three, he and mum decided to take us to the southern London.
We did have the brilliant Battersea Park just a few minutes away from our house and the area was quite good all in all, but they thought it would be better for us to grow up further away from the central London and dad had happy memories also from southern London. Then they found a good house here in Sutton.
This is about the same size, but completely detached from the neighbour houses unlike the old one. And this has many, many times bigger front and rear yards, which is brilliant! And a garage, which the old one did not have, and dad bought a car immediately after we moved.
This too is just a few kilonmeters away from the central of Sutton. I like this awful lot, maybe even better than the old home...but then I don't remembe that much of it.

Mum and dad were never married but just lived together and co-parented us in a serious relationship, until I was seven...almost eight and mum had to move away. She almost forgot about us. That's what I think anyway. She's been back in our lives for a couple of years now and at some point she and dad got back together...Mum moved back in and they went back to co-parenting a little before I left to Hogwarts.
Whatever, I just hope I don't have to move anywhere.

7. Who cooks the meals?
Mum or dad - whichever is at home around dinner time On special holidays such as Christmas and Easter, we cook together, all of us.

8. What does your father do for a living?
He's a police officer. He used to be a detective investigating kidnappings, too, for a few years. He planned to be a detective for much longer but then I was born and he went back to less risky police duties. Between my ages two and seven he was a stay-at-home dad, but after mum had to leave he went back to work. He's been in the rank of a sergeant for many years now.

9. Did your mother ever work outside of the home?
A lot. She's an inferior designer.

10. How do you spend Christmas? Describe. Do you decorate a Christmas tree? Do you exchange gifts?
We decorate the tree a day or two before Christmas. In addition to store-bought gifts, we usually make at least one self-made gift to each others because it's fun and they're always the most meaningful and precious. We visit my grandparents' and great-grand-parens' grave at some point in the morning, (we have a family grave), and later eat a huge Christmas dinner, sometimes our godparents (and these days their baby) included. Either at our house or their house. We watch Christmas specials on tv, play board-games that we've enhanced with magic, and may visit Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley. Sometimes we rent a cottage from the countryside.

11. What are your astrological signs, and are you a good example child of them?

And yes, I think I am. Not utterly or perfectly, such as I'm not overly sensitive nor quite as helpful as most Pisces children...
But at my best behaviour I can be very sweet...and I'm very social, creative, have rich and active imagination, and learn new information fast. I rarely throw tantrums but am very stubborn. I used to be very compassionate but after the wolf I guess I've grown much less so towards strangers...my family (except mum) still has my deepest compassions whenever I'm not spinning out of control with my wolf love.
Although I prefer not showing this much in front of my friends, I really don't shy away from showing affection to my loved ones or accepting it from them and I don't mind that my dad sometimes calls me 'honey', 'dear' or 'darling' instead of those manly pet names (which he also uses and I like just as much.)
Like most Monkeys, I'm very spirited - (although also genes play a part in that)...and I can get really rude sometimes (but usually I'm polite because that's how I've been raised. I just sometimes slip because of my nature)...and when having fun I often put my own desires wayyy ahead anyone else's needs and feelings - I mean no harm, it's just the way I am. I actually do learn my lessons if consequences are bad enough and I do regret stuff but it doesn't necessarely mean I don't find myself out there again sooner or later, doing something similar. Fun-loving, curious, imaginative, clever, sneaky, and optimistic is also what I've been found.

(I write about him in 1-chaptered stories as a series.)

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