Werewolves Is Jacob Black your favorite werewolf???

Pick one:
yes i totally love him
why would u ask that question- ...... of course i luv...
why would u ask that question......of course i luv jacob black out of all of the
Added by chelsea21
He's one of my favorites, but not THE favorite
Added by alexajaye
Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes ( such a stupid question)
Added by lovinJake
Nah, Remus Lupin! For the WIN!!
Added by Mrs-Grint
How Can you ask that of course not!!!
Added by PrinceRhaegar
Added by wolfgurll
W- what about george of being humman?!
W-what about george of being humman?!
Added by karlyluvsam
SAM!!! From SHIVER!!!
SAM!!! From SHIVER!!!
Added by Lady_Rebel
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 jacob4ever57 posted over a year ago
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