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Opinion by princessfelicia posted over a year ago
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Hey guys,
Its been awhile since I updated the Whoopi page...tries to cover eyes...TWO YEARS.. but ill try to do my best as of today..

Anyway the latest latest that had people talking was that Whoopi finally was on The Oprah Winfrey Show to celebrate The Color Purple's Anniversary!
It was a great show indeed but alot of attention was given to Whoopi herself as Oprah set about to answer a few questions by Oprah..

The one that had me cracking up was that all these years, Oprah thought that Whoopi had a problem with her and Whoopi thought the same! Now I must say I myself thought this was the case because I heard a whisper that Oprah was angry at Whoopi for being casted as Celie, the main actor in The Color Purple...
What I didnt know is that Oprah didnt hate Whoopi for that! In fact Oprah admired Whoopi for her acting...

It was a bit hilarious since both of them found out that it was a simple misunderstanding...

Opinion by princessfelicia posted over a year ago
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Monday marked the beginning of yet another season of The View with Whoopi Goldberg as the Host of the daytime show.
"I'm so glad to be doing it once more, it's great to be together discussing hot topics with the other ladies." Whoopi said in a discussion with a source. There was alot of excitement in the air as all were waiting to see the final cast picture of the new season last month. Now we all know it is the same cast as last year and once more, we welcome Whoopi for doing it a second year round for us. For the past year she has done tremendously well in being a part of the show and she has finally brought some new meaning to the daytime show. As one source stated, "Whoopi has brought along with her to the show, alot of great insights on several topics and discussions that the show was lacking years before. She has done well by speaking the general truth and for speaking for us all in all issues of life."
Well for me, I am glad Whoopi is back and so am I for Joy Behar because they make quite a pair. For the past year, Whoopi has brought along with her, HER overall views on stuff being discussed and she has allowed others to know how she feels about issues that...
Opinion by princessfelicia posted over a year ago
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Every time I look
Into your lovely eyes
I see a love that money
Just can't buy

One look from you
I drift away
I pray that you
Are here to stay

Anything you want
You got it
Anything you need
you got it
Anything at all
you got it

Every time I hold you
I begin to understand
Everything about you
Tells me [I'm your best friend]

I live my life
To be with You
No one can do
The things you do


I'm glad to give
My love to you
I know you feel
The way I do