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Fans From Argentina Making Dancing Through Life

We are a group of fans recreating some scenes from wicked, this is me playing as fiyero, hope you like it!

Defying Gravity - Instrumental

Instrumental/karaoke version suitable for singing along to.

Wicked-Wizard and I-Cover

I've been working with my singing teacher on my lower and middle range and it's helped me be able to easily switch between singing and talking and back again. When I used to try to do that it sounded really weird. Full details on youtube page
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Wicked - Funny Moments

A compilation of funny dialogue and moments in the show, courtesy of MBHenriksen8900 on YouTube.

Nikki Davis Jones- The Wizard and I

Wicked - The Wizard and I by Idina Menzel - LIVE

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As Long As You're Mine Performance

A performance by high schoolers Tre Frazier and Corinne Prudente

Popular song_Ariana/Mika 10th Ann

wicked_10th anniversary

Annaliegh Ashford_Bubbles