So I've made my eighth spot, after making 'Hollywood's Pretty Women' (which is only for the open minded I guess) and making the 'Domestic Animals' spot I decided that it wouldn't be complete without a matching spot so I made the 'Wild Animals' spot and it seems to be very popular, I love all animals so making this spot was a great experience for me and I've had a lot of fun with it and so have some of the fans, as I see in the comments regarding the images, lol, and a huge thank you for your contributions and comments I've had a great time looking at what everyone has added and the funny comments that are so well put, it is much appreciated, I don't only make these spots with myself in mind, but for the fans who enjoy it so much and feedback is always a good thing, so please feel free to ad anything, it is hard keeping up with some of you but I check all the spots and ad to them as much as I can, and I hope you all continue to have fun on Fanpop.
P.S. I have just changed this spot icon and banner, I hope that you all like the new ones. Cheers.