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laurik2007 said …
In that can’t-miss 100th episode (airing Dec. 1), “There’s going to be a whole act where [Alicia and Will] use what they know about each other from their love affair in a courtroom battle,” series cocreator Robert King told TVLine. “They’re going to basically undercut each other every step of the way.” Posted over a year ago
alizaysalim said …
I would really want for Diane to stay at Lockhart/Gardner.If she too leaves to become a supreme court judge, it would only leave Kalinda, Will & David Lee at Lock/Gard offices. That would make all of it really sad =( . the main action of solving cases & their respective screen times would now be divided between Florrick/Aggosoffice & Lock/Gardoffice..Also, we know that the Prosecution team has to come to the offices of the Defense team for depositions.So both teams will keep visiting each other. Posted over a year ago
laurik2007 said …
she’s leaving Lockhart/Gardner because she needs to create distance between herself and Will,” he explains. “She knows the kiss has opened a door and the only way to close it is to get away from him.” Posted over a year ago
laurik2007 commented…
“We think she’s [going to choose Will], but, in fact, she’s phoning Cary in order to do the opposite: to create distance between herself and Will. over a year ago