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Opinion by laurik2007 posted over a year ago
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Because a few months ago I made this post, and after certain events have passed, I decided there were some things that needed to be said to anyone who believed in the love of Will and Alicia.

As humans, we are capable of beautiful things. We can create and we can evolve. We have the ability to feel deeply, perhaps more than any other species, and we can form attachments with others, these soul deep bonds that have the capability of spanning decades.

But, with this gift to love, and be loved in return, comes this curse. This terrible end. Because no matter who you are, I can guarantee that at least once in your lifetime, you will lose someone you cherish, someone that matters. You will lose them because death is natural, even if sometimes the means is not. Sometimes it’s not fair. Sometimes it’s ruthless and undignified, but there’s an honesty in knowing everybody ends up in the same place.

You will lose them, and regardless of whether they were eighty, or forty, or twenty, or five, it will be devastatingly abrupt. No one sees it coming over the hill, and the saying “hit me like a ton of bricks” comes to mind,...