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Will & Grace's Stars Take the LGBTQuiz | them

WILL & GRACE REVIVAL (Season 2) | Behind the Scenes of NBC Sitcom

Will & Grace - The Stars Are Coming Out for Season 11 (Promo)

Will & Grace First Look: David Schwimmer Makes His Debut as Grace's Boyfriend (Exclusive)

Will & Grace Season 10 "Married" Promo (HD)

Will & Grace 9x16 Promo #2 "It's A Family Affair" (HD) Season Finale

Will & Grace 9x08 Promo "Friends and Lover" (HD)

Will & Grace 9x05 Promo "How to Succeed In Business Without Really Crying" (HD)

Will & Grace 9x04 Promo "Grandpa Jack" (HD)

Will & Grace - Not a History Puff (Episode Highlight)

Will & Grace - Megan Mullally Talks Karen Walker (Digital Exclusive)

Will & Grace - Sean Hayes Talks Jack McFarland (Digital Exclusive)

Will & Grace - Debra Messing Talks Grace Adler (Digital Exclusive)

Will & Grace 9x02 Promo "Who's Your Daddy" (HD)

Will & Grace - Outtakes and Bloopers: Episode 1

Will & Grace - Eric McCormack Talks Will Truman (Digital Exclusive)

Will & Grace - The Secret Service Is Gay (Episode Highlight)

26 Times Jack and Karen From "Will & Grace" Were Friendship Goals

Will & Grace - Both Single, No Kids (Episode Highlight)

The Cast of Will & Grace Saw Sean Hayes Go Full Monty at a Harassment Seminar

‘Will And Grace’ Stars: ‘We’re Still The Same People’ As Show Returns After 11 Years

Will & Grace - After Party (Promo)

Will & Grace - Who Is Karen Walker? (Digital Exclusive)

Will & Grace - No Apologies, Will & Grace (Highlight)

Will & Grace - Extracurricular Activities with Karen Walker (Digital Exclusive)

Will & Grace - Get Ready for Premiere, It's Almost Here! (Promo)

The Paley Center Salutes the Best of Will & Grace (TV-14 D, L)

Will & Grace: Premiere || Megan Mullally - "Karen Walker" Interview || SocialNews.XYZ

Will & Grace: Premiere || Sean Hayes - "Jack McFarland" Interview || SocialNews.XYZ

Will & Grace: Premiere || Eric McCormack - "Will Truman" Interview || SocialNews.XYZ

Will & Grace: Premiere || Debra Messing - "Grace Adler" Interview || SocialNews.XYZ

Will & Grace - Director James Burrows and Sean Hayes Talk Jack Entrances (Highlight)

Will & Grace - Will & Grace's Perfect Relationship... Except for Sex (Digital Exclusive)

Will & Grace - Jack and Karen: A Coupla Freaks (Digital Exclusive)

Will & Grace - Journey to Now (Digital Exclusive)

Will & Grace - Who Is Grace Adler? (Digital Exclusive)

Will & Grace - Who Is Will Truman? (Digital Exclusive)

Will & Grace - The Fab Four Get Their Gay On (Digital Exclusive)

Will & Grace - The Very Best of Friends (Digital Exclusive)

Will & Grace Reboot Read-Through: Creators Reveal Changes, What To Expect | People Scoop | People

Will & Grace - The Show That Changed Television Is Back! (Promo)

Will & Grace - First Look (Sneak Peek)

‘Will And Grace’ Reboot: Stars Say It Feels Like They Never Left | TODAY

Take An Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Look At The New 'Will & Grace' Set! | TODAY

Will & Grace - Will & Grace Is Coming Back! (Promo)

Will & Grace - Everyone's Been Waiting for This! (Promo)

Will & Grace - The Comedy Legends Are Back! (Promo)

Will & Grace - Picking Up Where They Left Off (Promo)

Will & Grace - Will & Grace Go to the Coffee Shop (Promo)

Will & Grace - Relive the Most Memorable Moments

Will & Grace - Get to Know Karen Walker (Promo)

Will & Grace - Get to Know Jack McFarland (Promo)

Will & Grace - Get to Know Will Truman (Promo)

Will & Grace - Get to Know Grace Adler (Promo)

'Will & Grace' First Look: This Year's Most Anticipated Revival | Cover Shoot | Entertainment Weekly

Will & Grace - The fab four is back in Business

Will & Grace - Let's Get This Party Started (Promo)

Will & Grace - Back This Fall

Will & Grace - The Reunion is Coming

***OMG!*** NEW “Will & Grace” scene about 2016 Election.

Will & Grace cast wins Emmy 2000

Eric Mccormack wins Emmy

Sean Hayes wins 2000 Emmy

Megan Mullally wins 2000 emmy

Debra Messing wins 2003 Emmy

Karen walker and vodka

with a song in our hearts

Grace Adler Tribute

Sesame Street with Debra Messing

Grace and Jack cant stop laughing

Eric Cormack singing Living With Grace

funny karen walker scene

Karen - 'Sexy Dad' and 'Anastasia Beaverhausen'

Will & Grace Season 8 Bloopers

Will and Grace S2.EP1. 2/3

Will and Grace S2.EP1.1/3

Jack teaches Elliot to dance

chicago 2016 olympics w/ “will & grace” sean hayes

Will and Grace Tribute

Will and Grace Season 5 Episode 5

Jack teaches Karen how to dance

Jack & Will sing Lady Marmalade

Jack's coffee

"Where are the fish?"

"My Work Here Is Done"

"You Know What I See When You Talk??"

Karen takes Calcium pills!

Season 3 bloopers!

Karen & Jack dance...

Season 6 bloopers

Britney dedication!

Karen makes Will sing...

I Think You've Sprung A Leak...

Will & Grace theme (rendition)

Madonna feels up Megan Mullally

Karen & Jack - Unforgettable

Living with Grace (Will & Grace song)

Finale QA with the cast of will and grace

Will & Grace on The View

Debra Messing on The Megan Mullally Show