Dead Apocalypse

(Warning: The following contains scenes of violence and strong language)


Little Falls Hospital, New York…

Her heart was almost beating out of her own chest, a little faster and her rib cage would explode. That was the least of Kay Forster’s worries as scrambled down the hallway wearing nothing but blue hospital scrubs and bandages around her forearms. At this point she couldn’t even feel the searing pain through the cotton over her flesh wounds, not even physical pain could drown out the horror that inflicted her mind. People were screaming in every direction from staff to patients, nothing could contain the sudden outbreak of violence.

She didn’t even have a weapon to protect herself. Smart thinking, considering how easy it was escaping that horde of 6 mindless cannibalistic people, all of them trying to bite her at once. Kay couldn’t dwell on the objectives to her situation, her only instinct was to find a place to hide in hopes that somebody would help her, maybe the police if they didn’t already have their hands full. Clinging around a corner she suddenly witnessed a doctor surrounded by another group of infected people, tearing and feasting on his internal organs, the pool of blood treading under her bare feet. There was nothing she could have done to help that man although her conscience now tormented her for doing nothing. Kay had to contain another gasp, slipping into a dark empty room.

She nearly bumped into an I.V poll, whimpering in fear, pressing her hand over her chest. Kay couldn’t block it out, the screams the carnage it was too much. Quickly she barricaded the door with a hospital bed and chairs then huddled herself into a nearby closet, the small space presuming her claustrophobic fears. The hangers rattled above her head, hopefully it didn’t draw enough attention. Kay was trapped, stuffed like a spring roll in an uncomfortable position between sheets and towels and holding the doors of the closet shut tight until the muscles in her thin arms strained. She trembled at another sound of gurgling and heavy bodies collapsing on the floor above. The hospital was infested and there was nowhere left to run, too many infected.

Silently she said a prayer in her mind as tears welled in her innocent brown eyes. SLAM! The door of another room shut hard and fast. Kay threw her hands over her mouth to hold back a scream, struggling to contain the nausea and oncoming shock. The pulse in her neck vibrated. There was nothing worse than feeling like a little mouse caught in a snake’s coils. Taking deep breaths she snatched one of the wired clothes hangers and stretched out the hook, turning it into a means of protection. Better than having nothing.

Just as the brief silence was deafening, Kay couched to the floor of the closet as a thunder of pounding hands eradicated the door of her room. The infected were trying to get inside, they could smell she’d been hurt…or did they hear her? The hot tears spilt down her cheeks just as the banging grew hungrier and desperate. Kay was easy prey for the infected, curling in a ball gripping the hanger in her palms until her skin turned red. For the first time since the outbreak, she felt scared and even more alone than before…

State highway, the middle of nowhere.
5 hours before the outbreak.

He opened his eyes irritably, blurry as if he’d had the eyes of a newborn. The ground beneath him was crumbling yet solid and damp. His whole body shook violently curled in a fetal position as a cloud of cold breath escaped his lips. The realization that he was nestled in the middle of a dark road exposed in his birthday suit instantly registered. He was back. He was alive again and now he was lying on the ground naked in the middle of nowhere. But how was it possible? The torture he’d endured, experiencing his entire body being thrashed around by an unspeakable force of energy, a pain that would have killed an ordinary person…and was he far from ordinary.

Ironically the first thing that popped in his brain was his mother’s beautiful smile. The same expression of happiness seen in a picture frame that rested neatly at his bedside. Every morning he’d awake in his dorm room to that gentle face, blocking out the ignorant snares of his roommate. He was content in that place as long as some part of her was watching over him. She was always there for him, supported his dreams of becoming a doctor. She drove him to always do his best in school and never let the thought of his absented father effect his studies. Things were different now…worse even. He remembered something he was told to do…something extremely crucial.

Slowly rising to his feet, his vision suddenly became blinded by a flash of bright lights blinking. The young man squinted his wide eyes; shielding his arms in front of his face. It was a car…a strange familiar car. As the instinct to throw himself off the road rose in his throat, overshadowing the fear, the sporty black vehicle began to slow its pace as it approached him. He knew that shinny black impala and the two figures riding inside. Though the memories of the passed several hours were still murky, he could never forget who the young men in the car were and what connected him to them.

Tilting his head lazily, the windows of the impala rolled down and the two uneasily settled faces immediately addressed him. Sam and Dean Winchester…his long lost half brothers.

“Adam?” said the shaggy haired young man sitting in the passenger side, opening the door and jumping out. “Adam is that you?” there was uncertainty in his voice when he asked the second time.

“Whoa dude you might wanna cover up or something,” said the young rugged driver with short cropped hair wearing a leather jacket. “I hear it gets pretty nippy out here at night.”

Adam shot Dean a dirty look as Sam rustled up some extra clothing from a bag in the backseat. Hesitant at first to accept but then again standing outdoors in the nude wasn’t exactly thrilling. In this temperature he was lucky to catch hypothermia. Inside the impala was warm. Dean had the heat blasting through the vents though it almost stung on Adam’s cool flesh.

“So…how the hell did you guys find me anyway?” he piped, throwing on a grey t-shirt and worn out jeans. His patience was wearing thin considering he’d just been dragged through hell and back by some deranged Archangel. “And why am I still alive?”

“We’re right there with you, thinking the same thing,” Sam implied. “Cas told us where to find you when he sensed you’d been brought back.”

A quick flash of the past jilted Adam. He’d remembered Castiel has branded his ribs with a special inscription to hide him from other angels and demons like his brothers.

“Wasn’t the special yet excruciatingly painful markings on my ribs supposed to keep me from being detected?” there was definitely more than a hint of smug in his voice.

Sam and Dean exchanged looks. “They are but Cas is the only one who can track us. Don’t worry you’re safe.”

“Sure.” Adam bellowed.

Dean glanced at the rearview mirror, smirking at his younger brother. Way to turn on the awkward small talk after first picking up his naked brother in the middle of the highway. “So uh… you doing alright? No strange side-effects since you’ve been…”

Adam shrugged. “Oh I’m just dandy if you’ve ever been eaten alive, resurrected twice, possessed by an angel, shoved into hell and back and standing outside freezing your ass off. I’ve pretty much got no complaints on this end.”

Dean chuckled over Adam’s bruising sarcasm. “So in other words you’re good?” he shook his head grinning at the windshield. “Smart ass.”

Sam ignored Dean’s comment switching his concern to a fully dressed Adam. “What do you remember…I mean do you remember being pulled out of hell?”

Adam bit his lip, dropping his gaze. The memory was more than fresh it haunted him. “A little…you were there too but you weren’t really you and then…then it was like my whole body exploded into fire and I was back on earth. Man I’ve never taken drugs in my life but that was some serious messed up shit.”

“Do you…know what happened to Michael?“

-“Yes he’s alive Sam!” Adam snapped up quickly. “I remember what he did to me…and to you…he’s still using me as his vessel.”

That notion immediately sent a chill down Sam and Dean’s spines. Just as they were about to swallow back the events of the apocalypse, destiny took a turn for the worst. Dean had to keep from driving into the ditch as the stress beat against his temple.

“That’s insane!” he argued. “If Michael’s still wearing you to the prom then how the hell are you still talking to us? Shouldn’t you be some Archangel’s bitch right about now?”

“Doesn’t look that way, does it Dean?” Adam reassured him mockingly. “I’m in control at the moment but he’s still with me…passed out. I don’t know how much longer I have until the bastard regains consciousness but before… he told me I had to find someone… a girl I’ve never seen before in my life.”

“Find someone?” Dean was confused. “What like a “Where’s Waldo” kind of deal? So we’re supposed to drive cross country looking for some chic we don’t even know anything about?”

“Hey I’m just telling you what he told me.” Adam was annoyed enough as he was. “He said something’s going to happen…something big is coming and finding this girl is important. God knows why.” Then he rolled his eyes sinking back into the leather of his seat. “He said her name was…Kayleigh Forster and I’m supposed to find her in New York.”

A nervous feeling sunk in the pit of Sam and Dean’s stomach. This woman now had a face to them. They’d met her the other day when Sam’s old friend Sarah Blake asked them to investigate a case. If Michael was looking for this unsuspecting young mechanic, then something told the brothers the shit was definitely about to hit the fan.

With only another 6 hours until daylight, the three brothers in the impala disappeared into the distance…carrying the weight of their next dilemma with them