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Supernatural | Rock This Party

Dean vampire

Dustin Milligan on Supernatural

Supenatural - Until I Wake Up


Sam/Ruby/Dean ~ Perfect Łie ~

Dean/Faith: Perfect Lie

SPN // A Perfect Lie

Dean Winchester VS The World || D&C .:. Scott PIlgrim VS the World Style

Swan Song Tribute; O Death

Supernatural 4.16 Who did break the first seal? Dean & Alistair

Supernatural Dean Torturing Alistair

We R Who We R

Supernatural 6x11 - Dean Makes A Deal With Death

Supernatural UK promo

Dean/Ruby Shattered Preview(wish right now)

SPN - Wish Right Now

SPN - Airplanes

Exclusive! Jake Abel at La Vita in Hollywood

Ready For Love

Dean Winchester - Irresistable

Dean Winchester - It's My Life

Airplanes (Sam/Gabriel)

SPN: Airplanes (Collab with TogetherAtLast)

Supernatural Fuel -Metallica

Asylum 5 - Jake Abel and Julie McNiven's First Pannel


Supernatural- Airplanes

My Vampire - Dean Winchester

Dean/Selene - A World Without You

My Head Is Spinnin' || Live Free Or TwiHard

Dean Winchester - Crawling || 6x05

If I Were Your Vampire | Dean & Haley

Dean Winchester || If I Was Your Vampire

dean winchester | broken inside

Dean Winchester//Show me your teeth

Dean Winchester // If I was your Vampire (6x05 Vidlet)

Before the Sun Goes Down

The Beast You've Made of Me


Jared Padalecki - Because of you

Crazy about you - Jared Padalecki is love

Jensen Ackles - He's all that

Supernatural - What Hurts The Most - Dean's Death - Sam Tribute


Dean Winchester - Its my Life

Dean: It's my Life

Airplanes [[SPN]]


Supernatural - Numb

Jake Abel's impression of Dean @ Asylum 5

SPN - Billie Jean

Supernatural - Smooth Criminals

Supernatural // Thriller


Supernatural Winchester Boys Smooth Criminal

Supernatural - Dean is Bad! :p

Supernatural - Bad

Supernatural - Sam has a nightmare about Michael Jackson

Dean Winchester//Bad

SPN - † A very Supernatural Halloween †

Blurry - Dean/Ben/Lisa

Dean, Lisa & Ben - "Thanks" Supernatural S6E5 Live Free or Twi-Hard

Dean & Lisa - "This Phone Thing is Getting Old " Supernatural S6E5 Live Free or Twi-Hard

SPN/TVD - Monster (Dean/Sam/Damon/Stefan)

Supernatural - Live Free Or Twi-hard promo!!

Supernatural || 6x05 Live Free Or Twihard Promo HD

Supernatural - Live Free Or Twi-hard Preview Clip

Supernatural || #1 SNEAK Peek 6x05 Live Free or Twi-hard

Jared's Cas impressions, Soooo Hilarious!!!!

Bamon conversation 6 (with Dean Winchester)

Supernatural - Exile On Main St. Preview Clip 2

Supernatural - Exile On Main St. Preview Clip

Supernatural, 6x01 Exile on Main Street - Space Promo

Supernatural 6.01 "Exile on Main Street - CW promo

Supernatural-Enter Sandman

The Winchester War

John/Dean/Sam/Adam - Brother's keeper

Lana/Dean//Kathryn/Adam - Blind ["Never Fall Away" Collab]

Dean, Sam & Adam Tribute

Dean, Sam & Adam Tribute [[Preview]]

[Supernatural / Twilight] Dean Threatened Bella

Supernatural: Music Video (Ted Nugent - Stranglehold)

Supernatural - Thunderstruck

All Fall Down II Supernatural Characters Collab

SPN Trailer

Castiel Molotovs Michael "HEY-ASSBUT!" SPOILERS Swan Song

Supernatural season 5 finale || Redemption

Dean/Adam/Sam:. Brothers are Everything

Supernatural- Thunderstruck

Supernatural--Dean's Bad Reputation

Supernatural "CRY, LITTLE SISTER" By Aiden

Supernatural - Radar Love

Adam[Supernatural]-All fall down MEP

Supernatural~Dean, Sam and Adam

Supernatural - "Now I know (5.22)" [SFC]

Adam Milligan Music Video

Supernatural Gag Reel - Season 5

Supernatural Zombieland Trailer