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Windwakerguy430 said …
After finishing high school, I thought I could finish another thing. Do you all remember how I said Final Fantasy XIII sucks? Well, after attempting to finish it once again, I can now tell you all that it doesn't suck. No, it FUCKING sucks. Yeah, that's more appropriate. I guess that there were some things that were just never meant to be finished and were better left to rot away on the shelf as you pass by and look at it in utter disgust.... Final Fantasy XIII is one such thing Posted 1 day ago
Windwakerguy430 said …
Well, everyone. I finally did it. After thirteen years, I finally graduated high school and am ready to start college. And, with all that out of the way, you can now expect a massive influx of articles starting soon... But not today. I'm tired Posted 2 days ago
Jade_23 commented…
Seanthehedgehog commented…
What do you plan to do in college? 2 days ago
Seanthehedgehog commented…
Try it. 14 hours ago
AquaMarine6663 said …
I really like the color pink but I feel weird about it at the same time because I keep seeing chicks on G+ making ANYTHING pink associated with their ddlg kink so now I see something pink and I'm like "oh that's pretty" and then images of chicks acting like children with their boyfriends flash in my mind and I feel rather disturbed by it and worry that people will think I have that kink just because I like the color pink and pastel colors. Posted 4 days ago
AquaMarine6663 commented…
Also I decided to complain here instead of my own club because nobody checks my wall for months 4 days ago
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Pink is the worst kink XD 4 days ago
AquaMarine6663 commented…
Which is rather odd seeing as I get really possessive over the people I like. 3 days ago