After a tiring and busy day of work in the hospital, the flaxen coated mare unlocked the door of the vaulted residence. Her tawny mane was in a messy bun, and she was dressed in a white coat. As she walked inside her home, she accidentally stumbled upon a few letter blocks and stuffed animals that belonged to her young daughter, Willow. Her tangerine eyes shut as she released a sigh, carefully walking around the mess, heading straight to the living room. It was six in the morning, so she did not want to bother her family who were sleeping upstairs, so she instead would sleep on the couch.

To the earth pony's surprise, she encountered her husband, Master Longsword trimming the watered plants to leave a pleasant sight. He then switched the matter and opened the windows to let air and sunlight in. The stallion perked his ears and turned around when he saw his wife, immediately expanding a smile.

Longsword: Wheat! You're back! I was wondering when you were going to return! How are you? You've been working all night! *dusts his hooves off and sits* Would you like something to eat? Something to drink? I was just making some French toast, perhaps you'd like a slice? With a glass of orange juice or some coffee?
Wheat: *just stares at the stallion in front of her and unexpectedly takes off her cloak because of the heat and wraps her hooves around her husband*
Longsword: huh....? Wheat? Are you okay?
Wheat: *drags Longsword down on the carpet with her and snuggles against him*
Longsword: Hm? *twitches his ears at the sudden snoring of his wife*
Wheat: Zzz...
Longsword: *blinks, then smiles and kisses her on the cheek* Rest well, my dear! *lays his head on his hooves, enjoying the quiet scene*


Longsword: Dang it.

(IDK Longsword's cutiemark so I just put a sword oops. Hope you like it anyways! used a base for inspiration cos I suck at drawing :)
Rest well, my dear!