Boss fights are normally a fight between you and one unique enemy, testing your skills and giving you a real challenge. But sometimes, you will be faced with more than one boss. Duo bosses are, while not always more tough than a boss on their own, are made to test how good you are in a fight between several enemies. Ones that can take you out easily and have no trouble of attacking you at once. Duo bosses are some of the most interesting boss types I've seen in video games, so when I face them, they can be a real pleasure. So, today, I want to share with you all the ten duo bosses that I got the most enjoyment out of. So, first, the usual rules. Only one game per franchise and from games that I have played. Also, duo bosses must be two unique enemies, or at least, more powerful versions. A boss with an enemy you've seen before does not count. With that out of the way, let's start


Skyrim's Dawnguard DLC was... not the worst DLC I've played in the world. I enjoyed pieces of the story, I enjoyed the Dawnguard itself, I enjoyed Serana as we got a companion with some personality for once, but there were tedious points and very glitchy points. Not sure why I decided to go back to the Forgotten Vale, seeing as it was a confusing wasteland, but you cannot imagine my surprise and shock when I came across two dragons that bursted from the ice.

Voslaarum and Naaslaarum from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Dawnguard

Seeing them come from the ice was one of the craziest things I had seen in this game, given that Alduin was one of the biggest disappointments I've ever seen. Sad when some minor dragons are more interesting than your main villain. Anyway, as much as I like their introduction, and the fact that they can dive back into the icy waters, permanently damaging the ice, there isn't much else I can say about Voslaarum and Naaslaarum. Sure, they have the ability to drain Vitality and fighting two dragons at once with that introduction is pretty cool, but aside from that, they are just your typical dragons, only stronger... Boy, I am starting this list off strong, aren't I?


Resident Evil 4 is a game that, while very loved and for good reason, doesn't have the best bosses. The El Gigante fights got old after the third encounter, the Salazar fight was pretty lackluster, and if I ever have to mention the knife fight with Krauser again, I'm going to have a headache. Sure, there was Verdugo, one of my favorite bosses, and Del Lago was hard for a first boss, but as far as duo bosses go, we have the El Gigante's.... Yeah. Oh, and we have the Bella Sisters

Bella Sisters from Resident Evil 4

Sure, you could go ahead and pass them off as just being Doctor Salvadors with a different skin, and you would be right, but now... there's two of them.... Yeah, I'm really trying my hardest to stretch this aren't I? Well, it's not all bad. The Bella Sisters are actually different from the Doctor Salvadors, other than appearance. They are much more capable of swinging their chainsaws, making them a whole lot faster. I felt that, as an enemy, if you have the right equipment, Salvador is actually not that scary. And to think I thought he was the worst it would get in Resident Evil 4. The Bella Sisters, while already fighting you in an area filled with Ganados, are able to strike you much faster, and are still able to kill you in one hit, so it is not easy to fend them off. That's for damn sure. They may not be the most creative duo boss, but they are certainly one of the more interesting ones when you look at them from different points of view.


Dead Rising 2 has a lot of duo bosses. Hell, Dead Rising 1 did have the Convicts and the Hall Family, but that's three. That doesn't count. Dead Rising 2 had Amber and Crystal, who were good, but a bit of a difficulty spike if you ask me. Roger and Reed were.... Okay, but not very memorable, if you ask me. So naturally, that could only mean that the best duo boss is the one that you would never find unless you go looking around, since it doesn't appear on your Files.

Ted and Snowflake from Dead Rising 2

Now, Ted himself, isn't exactly that much of a challenge. Being a mentally unstable person, and clearly not a fighter, he fights with only a handgun, which even by psychopath stand points is lame. Kent had one, but he had high kicks too. And Ted also isn't really strong, as he can be killed in a few seconds, since he has the lowest health of any boss in, possibly the Dead Rising series. But Snowflake, that's where the true boss is. Snowflake is what you'd expect a big tiger to be. Fast and dangerous. Snowflake will run around the entire area of the Yucatan Casino, and give that this place is not only crowded with zombies, but slot machines everywhere, it's easy to lose her. But don't worry, you'll find her eventually... Jumping on top of you as she tries to eat you alive. Killing her is an option.... But it's better to grab hold of three stakes and tame her, making her a survivor. And a damn good one too. I guess you could say this is more of a one sided boss with just a normal enemy.... but shut up.


When it comes to fighting games, having two enemies can either be a great challenge, or one of the most annoying parts of the game. I was tempted to put Noob and Smoke on here, but I haven't played Deception in years, so my memory of them is lacking. I have, however, played Skullgirls, one of my new favorite fighting games. And I can safely say that Valentine and Double complement each other well.

Valentine and Double from Skullgirls

While both of them seem a little... practical, one being a busty nurse and the other being a demonic nun, I think they compliment each other well. Valentine is able to move around the area quickly, and attack in the style of a ninja, with both projectile attacks and fast slash attacks that she can use on her enemies. Double is able to shapeshift into any character, giving her the variety of both fast attacks and powerful hard-hitting ones. They both seem to be different in style, but both just as sadistic and ready to kill you without hesitation. And they prove that in their battle. It's like Tekken TAG Tournament, except more like Handicap Tournament, and your on the bad end. Sure, you could just decrease the difficulty to Sleepwalk, but that's the cowards way out. I'm not willing to do that. If I want the full experience of these two in a fight, I want to go.... at least on Easy mode. Sleepwalk is just cowardly, but Easy is fine.


Persona 3 has a few duo bosses. The first one against Emperor and Empress is, while fun, pretty easy if you know what to do. The fight between Takaya and Jin is pretty good, story wise... But is pretty damn easy, if you ask me. I was tempted to put the fight between Fortune and Strength since Fortune was just a giant wheel of luck, but Strength didn't really do all that much. So, I decided to go with the fight again Chariot and Justice

Chariot and Justice from Persona 3

The best part about the fight with Chariot and Justice is that you don't expect them to be the same at first. The fight start out with it just being a tank. After you do enough damage to the tank, the two separate into their own bodies, Chariot being the body, representing the reversed Chariot tarot card of military conquest and victory, and Justice being the turret, representing the reversed Justice tarot card of corrupt leadership. Once they are both separated, they will start to fight on their own. Chariot is able to cause status effects like Fear and Panic and does Strike attacks, while Justice performs Light and Pierce attacks. The move you need to watch out for, however, is Samarecarm, which, if you killed the other, the other boss can revive them with full health. It's best to kill both of them at the same time, and really makes you plan ahead. Some may prefer the fight with Fortune and Strength, but I just love the fight with Chariot and Justice.


Legend of Zelda is known for having some pretty decent duo bosses. (No, Twinmold is not on this list). But I think I will go with the one from Ocarina of Time. As much flake as I gave Ocarina of Time for it's bosses, I think that this game may have some of the better ones. But with that out of the way, the fight with Koume and Kotake is probably one of my favorites in Ocarina of Time.

Koume and Kotake/Twinrova from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The fight starts out with you being attacked by Koume's fire attacks and Kotake's ice attacks. The fight starts with you having to use the mirror shield to deflect the magic at the other. When Koume uses her fire, you need to deflect it back at Kotake, and vice versa. It's simple, but it's really fun and really uses the mirror shield very well. But the real fight starts when the two fuse together and turn into Twinrova. Sure, this makes the fight turn into a one on one, but I still think that I can include it for how the two manage to mix together ice and fire and combine their spells in order to defeat you. And even still, it's fun, as you need to absorb three of one spell, and then unload the magic onto Twinrova, stunning her and allowing you to attack. They manage to be stronger together, but also let their weaknesses show in their fused form, and I think I can appreciate the fight for that.


I was going to put New Destroyman from No More Heroes 2 on this list.... Okay, no I wasn't. That fight was awful. So, I decided to look at the other hack and slash Wii game for a duo boss, Madworld. And thankfully, it had a duo boss that definitely surprised the slog fest that was the New Destroyman fight

The Masters from Madworld

The Masters are nothing but a massive Star Wars reference, being based off of Anakin and Obi-Wan, using lightsabers, or rather electrosabers, and using the Force, or rather, electromagnetism. They will begin by coming towards you with their swords, and you have to fight them both off. They will also use their electromagnetism to launch oil drums at you, massive crates, and even an entire truck to crush you, so you will have to use your chainsaw to cut your way through them just to face off The Masters. And when you finally defeat them, you will send your chainsaw through the younger ones chest and use his electromagnetism to slam the older one against the walls. It's pretty intense, but I will never understand why these two share the same life bar. The other bosses on this list didn't have the same health bar.


I will never hesitate to say that Devil May Cry 3 is my favorite Devil May Cry game. It's also probably the hardest one, making dodging and knowing when to attack a key in winning in combat. So, naturally, the best thing to do is make you fight two bosses. But thankfully, it was really fun.

Agni and Rudra from Devil May Cry 3

Agni and Rudra are quite an interesting pair. They are demons, yes, but don't despise and kill humans by nature. Hell, they actually seem to enjoy some company, as long as they don't try to get passed them. But, Dante being Dante, he has to get through, so a fight begins. And this is where the challenge begins. They are both very skilled swordsmen. They seem to attack at the same time, so you need to be prepared to dodge once they come at you. They are also able to block your attacks, and continuously attacking blindly will result in you getting yourself killed. It is smart to not stay on one of them and move on to the next. However, when one is killed, the other will take their sword and become even stronger. Depending on who you kill first, the other will either create fire from the ground up or create a tornado around themselves. But they aren't without flaws, as they can harm the other, resulting in massive damage and you getting some free hits. If you know what you're doing, you may just be able to kill them before the other is able to get stronger. It's a pretty tense fight and one I always enjoy. And you are rewarded with probably one of the best weapons in the game. I'd say it's not half bad.


Alright, it's time to completely shift gears. Going from an intense and chaotic duo boss from a crazy and over-the-top action game to a more symbolic and plot driven duo boss from a serious and deep horror game. Silent Hill 2 isn't known for having great combat. It's made that way on purpose. But the duo boss in this game is up this high for how important it really is. (ALSO, SPOILERS FOR SILENT HILL 2 COMING)

Pyramid Heads from Silent Hill 2

The fight with the two Pyramid Heads may not seem that deep, really. You are made to run around the area as the two come at you, and just stab you with a spear. It does a lot of damage, sure, but they're easy to avoid and all you have to do is shoot them until you win. But they are up this high for their symbolic nature. They are a part of James' psyche, a physical representation of his need to be punished. Throughout his journey of Silent Hill, he has been hunted by Pyramid Head to no end, constantly forced to run from him, as he was unable to be killed. When James sees the two Pyramid Head's murder Maria, he realizes the truth that he was responsible for the death of his wife and that he desired to be punished for what he did, and that is why Pyramid Head had been following him. The fight is about James confronting these emotions and putting an end to them, and the Pyramid Heads killing themselves with their spears shows that James has managed to overcome these emotions, and thus, Pyramid Head is no longer needed in Silent Hill. That is what makes this duo boss work, and why I will always hate Konami for just not letting Pyramid Head die.


Well, after that emotional ride, let's discuss the number one duo boss fight. And what better place to look than a game that thrives on it's combat and boss battles. Dark Souls is a game that has many large bosses and is known for being a difficult game, which, I can understand, but never found too difficult. If you know what you are doing, and have the patience, you will eventually prevail. It's not the hardest game in the world... But with bosses like Ornstein and Smough, I can see what they mean.

Dragonslayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough from Dark Souls

The moment you walk through the boss gate in Anor Londo, you can tell that you are going to have a hard fight. These two tower over you and are both powerful in their own ways. Ornstein is a very fast enemy, who can rush from one end of the stage to the other and easily hit you if you aren't ready. He is also capable of sending bolts of electricity at you and impaling you with his spear. Smough, on the other hand, is a very slow giant, but he hits like a truck. He can swing his hammer and slam it down, and cause massive damage, if not kill you immediately, if you aren't prepared. But, if you think that the boss fight gets easier when you kill the other, you are mistaken. What happens next depends on who you kill first. If Smough dies first, Ornstein will take what strength Smough has and grow into a giant, thus making his attacks have more range and allowing him to hit harder. He can also stomp the floor and send electricity around him, which is very deadly if you are close to it. If Ornstein is defeated first, Smough will kill Ornstein to take his electricity powers. Now Smough's hammer is filled with lightning and can now do even more damage, as well as create an electric butt pound.... Yes, I just said that. And this can be handicap depending on what you want to do. You can choose to do one on two, or you can have another player, or you can have the beautiful Solaire aid you in battle. And depending on who the last one is that is killed, you will get their soul, as well as buy their weapons and armor from a merchant. Not only is this fight filled with different outcomes, but different rewards depending on who you are, giving you many different ways to play. And with this kind of challenging fight, it never gets bored and is one of the bosses I look forward to whenever I replay Dark Souls. I just love it that much. And, I don't mean to brag..... But I totally fought these guys once and beat them without any Estus on the first go..... Just saying......... See you.