Aurora following the orders given by Amber
*As we know of, the girls had headed off to Nichole's home planet to help solve the mystery as to why her home planet had turned to ice. They got their, and transformed into their Lovix. They fought off monsters and Nichole soon earned her Enchantix! Now- They headed off to face whatever lied ahead*

Roxy lead the girls through the iced up passage ways. Brisk winds risked someone to fall over, or receive a severe case of frost-bite. The girls teeth chattered, as Nichole decided to put her new powers to use, creating a warm and powerful heat shield.

"Thanks so much for putting this up Nichole!" Gwen says smiling. Nichole smiles back. "Sure thing Nichole!"

The girls look around, to find that nothing has changed: Ice, snow and ice-sickles. Roxy sighs, her breath going up from the cold.

"Hey! Look! The tunnels fork!" Noel shouts, jumping up and down in her nervousness. Nadra frowns, and looks around. "Which way should we go?" Melody asks folding her arms to her chest. Roxy frowns. "Hm, I don't know, maybe we should split up?" The other girls didn't seem to fond of that idea. Faina sighs. "Why shouldn't we split up? I mean, if we don't, we'll eventually regret it" Terra nods. "I agree! Come one people! What are you waiting for! It's time to be brave, and help save Nichole's planet!" The other girls soon nod, and break up into two groups.

"OK- Terra's group will go left, and my group will go right. Send some magic in our direction or send someone out to tell us if you find something important, got it?" Roxy asks the two groups. The two both nod, and soon split up.

With Terra's group...

Terra looked around to see that this passageway was exactly the same as the other passages. She sighed, irritated, and looked around once more. "What exactly should we be looking for?" Gwen asks. "Hm, not sure, just probably something that seems very unusual..." Gwen nods, and starts looking around. Faina sighed. How long is it going to take to find something interesting!?! I hope it doesn't take to long... Who knows how much longer this place has...

With Roxy's Group...

Roxy frowns, as she realizes the same thing as Terra did: The caverns were all the same.
She sighed, and rolled her eyes. "Does anyone have any ideas on what we should be looking for?" Roxy asks, facing her group. "Something strange?" Teine wonders. Noel nods. "Good one Teine." Roxy smiles. "Yeah! Great idea! OK, everyone, look for something that looks strange!" The group nods, and begins their search.

While the girls were searching, Melody, unknowingly, wandered from the group. She heard some chanting, and s deathly voice. She shuddered, and peeked around the corner, to see: A woman, with long, blond, curly hair and wearing a light blue hoodie/dress. She could see that she was mumbling to a huge crystal ball. She then, was something, no, someone all to familiar. She gasped, and flew back to the girls...

Back at Terra's destination...

The girls were still looking around, when Lunnar suddenly appeared out of no where. "Watch out!" She screams. The girls jump out of the way, and give a confused look towards their friend. She gasped, but continued to flutter in the air. "Come quick! Melody found something!" The girls eyes grew big, and they all flew out after her.

All the girls soon rejoined the others, and Roxy soon spoke up, "Melody, so, what did you see?" Melody frowns, and thinks hard. "Well, I'm pretty sure I saw, nah, can't be" She smiles awkwardly. Hailee frowns. "Come on Melody! Tell us!" Melody sighs. "I think I saw...Amber" The girls eyes grow big and mouths drop. "Are-You-Serious?!?" Terra asks. Melody nods, her blond hair bouncing. Noel clamps her hand into a fist. "Well, let's go get her then!"

"Wait!" Nadra shouts. Everyone turns to face her, slightly confused. "We can't just go barging in there! Someone could get hurt!" She looks at everyone with nervous, and caring looks. Hailee frowns. "Well, yeah, sure but still, we need to go get her!" Roxy nods. "I agree! We've beat her before, and we can do it again!" Bloom shouts. All the girls smile, and agree, with Melody leading them, head off towards where she saw Amber.

With Amber...

Amber grins, as she see through Aurora's crystal ball, that the fairies were headed for her. She laughs, and Aurora turns, he eyes yellow and expressionless. "Anything else master?" Aurora asks, her voice droning. "No, not now, but when those fairies arrive, attack them." Aurora smirks, and walks off...

Back with the girls...

"There! That's where I saw them!" Melody points it out, and they all fly in. Roxy lands, and looks around: Ice, snow and- A woman? "Hey, who's that?" She asks the group. They all shrug. "I should be asking you all the same question" The woman replies, her voice hallow. Faina shivered at her voice. "Well, what are we waiting for? Get her!" Bloom shouts, flying in after the woman. All the girls nod, and head for her.

The woman quickly turn around, her blond curls bouncing around. "Take this, fireball!" Nichole shouts. The woman lifts her hands up, and blocks the attack. "Ice beam" Nichole screams, and dodges the attack. "Spiders Web!" Roxy yells, and a sticky web traps the woman.

She struggles slightly, but soon freezes the web and breaks it apart. She claps her hands and releases a gassy, cold substance. "Brr! It's freezing! Let's turn on the heat!" Hailee shouts, and creates a heat barrier. "Eugh, take this!" Terra shouts, and lifts a huge ice block and launches it at the woman. She sighs, and lifts her hand, the rock exploding into snow at the touch of her fingers.

"She's to strong! Let's just leave now!" Teine shouts, blocking another one of the ladies attacks. "No! She's tough, but not impossible!" Rosy shouts. "Hailee, come with me!" Hailee follows Roxy out into the sky. The two grasp their hands and spin around quickly shouting, "Flaming Elephant Rage!" The conversion attack heads for the woman and knocks her out cold. "Yes!" Roxy shouts triumphantly. "Great one girls!" Faina shouts happily.

As the girls celebrate, they could hear the woman moan. Roxy turns, and walks over to face her. The woman opens her eyes, and rubs her head. "Wait, what? What's going on?" She asks, looking around confused. Bloom frowns, and walks over. "You're in this huge ice castle, and we were just fighting you" She informs the woman, bending down. She scrunches up her eyes and looks around. "Well, to tell you all, I wasn't doing any of that intentionally you know" Bloom's expression turned to confusion. "What do you mean?"

The woman stand up, and dusts herself off. "I was hypnotized." She replies simply. "By who?" Crystal asks. "I'm not sure, all I know, is that she was really powerful. Even stronger than me." Hailee frowns. "You don't think-" She soon wonders, eyes growing big. Roxy nods. "Probably, anyway, what's your name?" The woman turns, and smiles. "Aurora. I'm the element fairy of ice and snow. I also rule this ice palace." Christina's eyes grew big. "You run this place?!?" Aurora nods. "Then could you please stop it, or turn it around?!? It's freezing my home!" Aurora's eyes grew big and explained that they all needed to get off quickly, so she could leave. The girls obey, and quickly leave.

As soon as they landed, and huge BOOM! erupted the silence. They looked up to see that Aurora's castle had vanished, and that a huge, bright blue wave of what seemed to be magic, was coming close to where they all were standing.
The wave arrived, and the magic quickly melted away all the ice and snow, revealing a pretty, flowery scenery.

Christina smiled, and hugged Nichole tightly, as the two squealed with happiness: Everything, was going to be fine...


AN: Sorry for the really long wait everyone! Hoped you liked it! ; )
Christina: Nichole's best friend in her Charmix outfit