Winx Club Roxy Twinx Role Play! Alfean Classrooms!

lovebaltor posted on Aug 04, 2010 at 03:59PM
No crime and fighting here!Just plain old,ordinary classrooms where of course,we do schoolwork.

The girls can chose which class that they would like 2 participate in.

They all must at least chose 1 class 2 participate in and recieve a passing grade.

The Classes go as followed:

Potionnology:Palladium is certainly giving u a run 4 the grade.U most complete a very difficult potion in order to recieve the good grade:Verictaserum.A potion that makes the drinker spill their darkest,and deepest secrets.Made un-properly could b catastrophic.*CyD12,30degrees & TDWC_lover have joined*

Metamorphosimbiosis:Wizgiz' class.Oh Joy.2 recieve ur grade u must b able to transform a simple little lizard,into a great,fire breathing dragon.(And also make sure that ur dragon doesnt burn down the whole school!) *Lovebaltor, & samoangirl96 have joined. 1 more member may join*

Extreme Magic-Defense:Class with Grizelda?Things couldnt get possibly any worse!Well,it just did.2 receive ur grade u battle,and defeat 1 of ur most trusted companions.*Winxlove2 has joined,2 others may join*

Good Ways Class:U must prove 2 Professor DuFour that u can have proper manners in front of the King and Queen of Eraklyon 2 recive a passing grade.(Without making a single mistake or embrrassing urself!) *Winxlove2,& Stellawinx4ever have joined.1 other may join*

Well,those r all of the classes!Try ur best and good luck!(Trust me,u'll need it)Oh,I forgot 2 mention that only 3-4 ppl may join a class.

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over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Roxy:*Looks at the list*OOh!They all look so hard!
Athena:Of course there hard Roxy!U wouldnt expect these classes 2 b a walk in the park would u?!
Roxy:*Sighs*Fine,lets see...Well,I guess either Palladium or Wizgiz'class seems ok.
Athena:I think that u would do better in Wizgiz' Class!
Roxy:I guess ur right...Now wat?
Athena:Say which class u would like 2 take and it will save ur name next 2 the particular class.
Roxy:Ok?Wizgiz' class please!
Voice:*Bright light appears and Roxy's name is written next 2 Wizgiz' class*Roxy is the 1st 2 sign up 4 Metammorphosimbiosis class.
Roxy:*Shrugs*Ok than,*Walks off 2 the class*
over a year ago samoangirl96 said…
Teine:*looks at the lists of classes* Hey Livy look at the classes!
Livy:*flutters over on to Teine's shoulder* Ooh! The Potionnology class Teine! That one seems cool
Teine:Nahh, Maybe the Extreme Magic-Defense class, that's seems cool
Livy:Well i wouldn't take that class!
Teine:Why not? *Looks at the class and sees the teacher* Oh Grizelda's teaching the class?! No thanks you
Livy:Well now your down to two classes, Good Ways Class, and Metamorphosimbiosis. So Which one is it?
Teine:Metamorphosimbiosis, seems like fun!
Livy:Transform a lizard into a dragon! sounds scary!
Teine:No it sounds cool! Sign Me up for Wizgiz' class! Please and Thank you!
voice:*Teine's name appears* you are the second to to sign up for Metamorphosimbiosis class.
Teine:Who was the first?
Livy:*looks at the list* Roxy was.
Teine:Cool guess we'll see her there*Goes to class*
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:men I hate grizeldas classes but I need to fight better!!pleaz sing my up to Extreme Magic-Defense !
Voice:*her name apear in list*you arew first one in this class!
Noel:I am princess so I need manier class.I whant to join Good Ways Class!
Voice:*her name apears in list*first one in this class!
Melody:in what class did you join noel?
Noel:good maniers!y?
Melody:better fighter!
Bubble:cool!!!hey Twinx when everybody will sing inn we cud go to white horce!
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over a year ago CyD12 said…
big smile
Terra: hhhmmm...what class should I choose?
Jolly: you have 4 options to choose
Terra: let me see *looks at the list* a class with Grizelda? no thanks! Good ways? well...I am a princess but I dont like that kind of stuff. Metamorphosis? it look cool! *looks at the Potionnology* but that looks even cooler!
Jolly: so you decided already?
Terra: yep! sign me to Potionnology class please!
Voice: *her name appears in the list* you are the first one to join to this class!
Terra: cool! *gets in the class*
over a year ago 30degrees said…
Zing: choose metamorphosis!! a gigantic Dragon will be sooo cool!
Faina: well that could be an option *looks at Potionnology* oh I like that class!
Zing: ough! but you cant make a dragon in that class!
Faina: but I can learn to make a potion to make ppl tell their most darkess secrets!
Zing: oh thats cool! choose that one!
Faina: *giggles* sign me to Potionnology class please!
voice: *her name appears in the list* you are the second to join to this class!
Faina: cool! who was the first? *looks at the list* oh it was Terra! thats cool! *gets in the class*
over a year ago TDWC_lover said…
Gwen: *looks at the list of classes* oh I know exactly what class I am going to choose!
Nimfea: let me guess. potionology?
Gwen: yep! since I am a potion fairy it should be easier!
Nimfea: but you already know about potions! shouldnt you go to class to learn new things?
Gwen: thats right! I dont know a potion that makes ppl tell their darkess secrets! and maybe I could learn how to get stronger!
Nimfea: you have a point!
Gwen: sign me to potionology class please!
Voice: *writes her name in the class* you are the third one to join in this class
Gwen: cool, thanks! *looks at the other ones in the list* hey look! Terra and Faina are in my class!
Nimfea: that means you are going to talk a lot in class!
Gwen: *giggles* yeah maybe! hehe *gets in the class*
over a year ago Ember89 said…
Bloom: darn...potionology would have been fun...
Lockette: what about metamorphosisis?
Bloom: no
Lockette: good ways class?
Bloom: (sighs) no
Lockette: what about class with grizelda?
Bloom:not going to happen!!
over a year ago Stellawinx4eva said…
Hailee:*taps chin* hmm should i pick good ways or fighting ehh i already know how to fight now i'll pick good ways please sign me up to good ways class please
Voice:*Her name appers on the list* you are the second in your class
Hailee:huh? who's the first? *looks on the list* oh Noel is the first thats cool
Glim:patoot (translation:don't go talking)
Hailee:You always ruin my fun
Glim:*Shake head*
Hailee:*walks in class*
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over a year ago Ember89 said…
Bloom: This is so hard...
Lockette: well wich class did you want?
Lockette: there's already 3 students though...
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
noel:*get's in class*cool Heilee we are in same class!I wunder what wud be if I wud chose lizard to dragon class.
Bubble:you wud lear how to transform things!
Noel:bubble!how did you get here!? I told you to stai at rokoluchy!
Bubble:you are not my quen!you can say what I should do!
Noel:*puches her hand*whana bet?!
Bubble:*invisible hand is smashing bubble*let my go noel!noel!
Melody:*walk in coridor ans see whats happening in every class.sees noel*Noel stop!
Noel:shutt up!
Melody:you esk for it!Music Wave!*hit's noel and she stops her bad work*
Noel:AH!sorry bubble!I didin't new what's hepenning!
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Professor DuFour:*Sees wat happened*Miss Melody and Miss Noel!Wat is going on here?*Looks at Bubble,than 2 Noel,than 2 Melody.Folds arms and taps foot irritably on the floor*Im waiting!
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:sorry I am nervis.I get out of control sometimes.
Melody:I whanet to save this little pixie miss.
Bubble:hey I wus attack!
Noel:okey I will go to faragonda now!*goes out of class and crys*
Melody:Noel wait!
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Professor DuFour:*Runs after Noel.Catches up with her*I never said that you have 2 go 2 the Headmisstreses office,I was just wondering wat was going on.Miss Melody said that she wanted 2 save a pixie?Mayb u got a little 2 aggitated.That happens,now,I want u 2 apologize to that little pixie and 2 Melody.Alright?It just doesnt feel right letting u haul urself into Faraginda's office.Now,1nce u've apologized,everything will b alright,ok?
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:okey miss.Sory melody!*makes a purple flover*take this!
Melody:oh tnx.I forgive you.friends?
Bubble:I got your drin!
Melody:can I get this drink too?
Noel:no it's olny for my so I wudin't lose my see
I am a princess and I must get to my ocean in 48 hours or I will lose my feet.I drink this drink and it make that time to 72 hours.
Melody:it cud happen to my too?'s just for princesses.and I lost contol becouse 1 hour wus left.
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Professor Dufour:*Smiles and walks over 2 her desk*Well,it seems that not all of ur friends have chosen which class they want 2 participate in,so,we will just sit here and wait.Or,*Snaps fingers and a pile of books appear.They levitate and place themselvs in front of Noel and Hailee*Turn 2 page 394 and read silently 4 30 minutes.*Smirks and sits back down at her desk*
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:no!!let's wait!I wudin't start studing when all ppl will sing inn!
Bubble:shut up and listen!*sees tune flying in class*tune?!
Noel:Tune?! Musas pixie!?
over a year ago TDWC_lover said…

Gwen: *sits in a desk in the middle of Terra and Faina* hey girls! it looks like we are having classes together! *smiles*
Nimfea: Jolly, Zing I think we should go to the rooms and wait till the classes are over
Gwen: good idea! Wait for me in my room! and dont go anywhere!
Nimfea: ok...*leaves with the other pixies* so...when do we start our class?
over a year ago Stellawinx4eva said…
Hailee:*stares at pile of books* Lets wait
over a year ago Ember89 said…
Bloom: oh boy...the only class left is grizeldas class....
Lockette: maybe it won't be too bad..
Bloom: it's like bootcamp for fairys! So not happening!
over a year ago CyD12 said…
Terra: *in her class* its cool that we have calsses together! *smiles* uummm proffesor palladium, when do we start with the class?
Palladium: first I need you to memorise some potion spells *some books appeared in their desks* page 4 potion #6
Terra: *looks at the book* wow it is huge! *sighs* guess we better start
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:okey!I will gonna read this book but my way!*aqurium apears and in it a reader fish*hey sweety can you help my?!
Reader fish:sure princess!
Noel:*moves book to aquarium*
Profesor Dufour:miss don't!get her weet! you will do your tast next week! anothers learn fan's in page 304!
Noel:sorry guys!
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Roxy:*In Class*Augh,im soo bored...*Facepalms*Wen is Wizgiz going 2 get here?
Athena:Right about...Nnow!
Wizgiz:*Walks in*Well hello girls!
Roxy:*LIfts head up.Quickly grabs Athena and hids her*Hello!
Wizgiz:There's no need 2 hide ur pixie now Miss Roxy.
Roxy:Oh,right...hehe...*Whispers*Athena,g­o back 2 our dorms,Ill meet u there as soon as class is over.
Athena:*Nods and flies out*
Wizgiz:I would also like 2 note that if any1 else has a pixie that their pixie should leave also.We wouldnt want them 2 get hurt now would we?
Roxy:*Laughs nervously*
Wizgiz:Now,b4 we start transfiguring lizards into dragons,I think we should practice the spell first.We woulfnt want any malfunctions!
Roxy:*Swallows thinking:Man,this elf is creepin' me out!*
Wizgiz:Now,I am going 2 give u a feather that u will transform into a finch.Much smaller,and less-devastating consequences.
Roxy:*Receives a feather and so does Teine*
Wizgiz:Now.2 do this spell,u must tap ur finger 3 times on the animal and say very clearly:Vereverto.Understand?
Wizgiz:Alright,than,go on!
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over a year ago samoangirl96 said…
Teine:*nods* um okay *taps the feather 3 times* Vereverto
suddednly the feather began to shine then a finch showed up in its place
teine:did i do it right??
wizgiz:well let's see *walks over and takes a look at it then nods* pretty good, just next time concentrate a little bit more
Teine:*nods* okay
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:miss grizelda when do we star to attack!?
Grizelda:when I want to!


reader fish:bul bul bul bul bul bul bul!(translate: queen will make a little move whit her fan!
Noel:boring!I now all those moves!
over a year ago Ember89 said…
Bloom: lockette for the last time I am not going to let the so called queen of detention teach me! I'm good at fighting and defending myself!
Lockette: are you going to pick a class?
Bloom: no...
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:(telepatik mesagge to bloom:hey bloom come in grizeldas class I have idea how to make everybody will laugh at her !!)grizelda can you tell us how did you mecome teacher of alfea?
Grizelda:oh my?!okey! well it started...(T M to bloom:I got some time to you)
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Roxy:Ok,*taps fingers 3 times on feather*Vereverto!
*Feather transforms into a small,golden finch*
Finch:*Tweets and hops around Roxy's desk*
Roxy:Professor?Did I do it right?
Wizgiz:*Walks over*Very good!Now,keep practicing so that the finch will b able to fly!
Finch:*Hops in the air,but cant fly*
Roxy:Oh,oops.Sorry about that...hehe
Wizgiz:*Snaps fingers and finch turns back into a feather*Keep practicing!
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:okey okey okey.
RF:if you wudin't stop saing okey I wudin't read
Noel:okey. miss dufour can we do something more intristing?!!
Dufour:this class is for good maniers not fighting if you meen it.
Noel:okey.I will make this class way cooler.*sees quietly*.exsploro mafeiro!
Miss Dufour:speelkuno sheimbo!!!*noels speel go beck to her*nice face misster noel.*everubody laugh at her*
Noel:speel remover!wery funny! teacher cud you come closer to my I want to tell y some thing.
Miss Dufoun:sure!*comes near noel*
Noel:let my give you a kiss*kisses miss dufoun and she transform in to a baby*don't you ever use my speels agenst my!ha!girls I think this class is over my speel will self delet in 4 hours:)
over a year ago Tasfee said…
(A blond girls suddenly rushes in)
???:Oh my!Am i late,oh sorry so much am the new exchange student,Aaaaa........Chelsea Heathers,the weather fairy.Is there anyone who can help me?
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Bubble:hey you wai you are not in your class?
over a year ago Stellawinx4eva said…
Hailee:Hello my name is Hailee and thats Noel and the baby is the teacher.and i am here to help what do you need help with Chelsea
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:bubble!! don't be mean to her!oh hy I am noel fairy of water and voice.:)
over a year ago Stellawinx4eva said…
Hailee:Wow anyway Noel can you turn the teacher back into- never mind you might get detetion
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:ah!run!grizelda is angry!*grizelda run's after melodyÿou miss are ouut of control!
MElody:somebody help my!!!grizelda it wus just a joke!
Grizelda:a joke!look I have purplw hair my clothies are terable,grasess dancing!get out of this scool!!
Melody:what?!*crys*I I I didin't do enyting bad!*runs in to faragondas ofice*
FAraginda:miss melody?!grizelda?!*laughs*speel remover!
Melody:*before faragonda delets her speel she pictures grizelda!miss faragonda I am sorry but I just maked a funny spel so everybody wud be happy!
faragonda:it's okey meldoy because it wus funny but you are not aluod to use magic agents teacher whit out permision!
Melody:ah!run!grizelda is angry!*grizelda run's after melodyÿou miss are ouut of control!
over a year ago Stellawinx4eva said…
Hailee:What happened to Melody? and why was Grizelda chasing her? and why Grizelda look like a clown
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:don't now but I bet it wus melodys facew charge speel!oh and that baby speel!water torando!*makes miss dufour a baby*this speel gonna work just 1 hour!
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:Ok,that is jut weird,even for Ms Grizelda.
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:*run's near girls*hey girls look what I got!*shows grizeldas clown face*isn't it funny?!
Noel:totaly!!but you now that speell works funny just in sea!
Melody:ups I forgot!
Noel:forgot now you gonna be whit that face for 1 month!
Melody:doe not cool!*her face starts to change*oh no it's all ready happening!ah!!
Melody:*run's near girls*hey girls look what I got!*shows grizeldas clown face*isn't it funny?!
over a year ago Stellawinx4eva said…
Hailee:*tries to hide her laughter behind a book*
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
MElody:wery funny!who whant to go for a swimm on sea?after scool?
Noel:I whant!I gonna go to my casle enybody whant to join my!?
over a year ago Stellawinx4eva said…
Hailee:MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*Twirls around*
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:so we all are coming to noels caste?but then somebody need to send telepatic message to anothers
over a year ago Stellawinx4eva said…
Hailee:Okay....can you do it?
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:I think I got in a bigg mess allready!teachers can get our mesagges too remeber?!
over a year ago Stellawinx4eva said…
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Roxy:*sighs out of frusturation*Professor?
Roxy:Can we take a break?
Wizgiz:Hmm,I suppose,but practice the spell after class!
Roxy:*Mumbles*Yeah right...*Walks out*
Roxy:Hey Athena!
Athena:How was class?
Roxy:Excutiatingly painful
Athena:*Frowns*I think u may b exaggerating
Roxy:*Shakes head*Nope-Who's that?*Sees a blonde*
Athena:R u sure thats not Hailee?
Roxy:Does that look like Hailee?
Roxy:*Runs over*Hi!Wat's ur name?
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over a year ago CyD12 said…
big smile
Terra: (getting out of her class talking to Gwen and Faina) Gwen! you most help us with the poison cause it is- (looks at the blond girl) who is she? (no one replies) lets go meet her! (gets with the new girl) hey! Im Terra, fairy of rocks! whats your name? and are you new here? cause I havent seen you before! (smiles)
over a year ago Ember89 said…
Bloom: (walks into grizeldas class) sorry I'm late! So melody what's your idea to make everyone laugh at grizelda?
over a year ago samoangirl96 said…
teine:can i take a break too!?
wizgiz:sure but you two better be back in time!
teine:*walks out of class* sure, yeah i got it!
livy:hey teine!
teine:*walks over to livy* what's up liv?!
livy:actually there is something
livy:a new girl has just arrived at the school *she looks around and see's her* i think that might be her right over there
teine:*turns around* Hey looks like roxy and athena are there too, let's go check it out
*both go to where roxy and athena are*
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:Ummmm.....hi i am Chelsea,the new exchange student.Nice to meet u all.I am a weather fairy.I am gonna attend Metamorphosimbiosis and Good Ways Class.I will also be attending Extreme magic defense classes....sorry.I know i am pretty boring,see i am sorta a book-worm.
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over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:(telepikc mesagge to bloom:hey bloom come to us I gonna show you a speel to make grizelda look funny and there is a new girl)so I cold bloom to come here!hey chelsea I am melody fairy of music and water!and this is noel fairy of water and her voice!
Noel:hi!do you know where you gonna live?I think we have one left bed in one room!
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:(Thinks)OK,so where is it.Oh and for the contrary,i am a weather fairy.
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:I think in terras room.or in heilee.or in-
Melody:just sai that you don't know where!
over a year ago TDWC_lover said…
big smile
Gwen: nice to meet you Chelsea! Im Gwen (smiles) and is cool you are a bookworm! I love books too!
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:so chelsea wud you whant to go to my caste today after scool?!t wud be fun!
Melody:there is just one thing we live in sea so you are not afread of water or something like that?
over a year ago CyD12 said…
big smile
Terra: can I go too? it sound cool! (smiles) you should go Chelsea! we will have fun!
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:sure terra.just one gonna be my hum.well I gonna become we gonna party and tomor we wudin't be at scool.I gonna go to faragonda to get promision to leave.
Melody:wow a queen?! so cool you will have dress right?
Noel:well something like that.I gonna have my mermaid transform whit some akcesuars.:) best thing is that in my caslte there is meny air so you cud breaf at there. :)
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:oh and we gonna party karens wedings too.
over a year ago Stellawinx4eva said…
Hailee:YAY YAY YAY YAY *jumps around*
over a year ago TDWC_lover said…
big smile
Gwen: wow! a Queen! thats cool! (smiles) I am sure you will be a great Queen Noel!
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:yeah but there is one propblem.*crys* one month in years I must be in my palece/ocea.if I wudin't I will I will gonna dei.but kiss of my true love can bring my beck :)
Melody:yeah.when karen got queen she need to do that too just she most be in human world for 1 mobth not sea.
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Roxy:Cool! I agree with Gwen,Im sure you'll b a great Queen Noel! And I cant wait 2 see ur castle!! *Smiles*
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:it's wery bigg.but in indona ocea my friend seira has the biggest caste :).but she don't whant us to come in to it.enemys cud folow us.*Sees hat speel on miss dufour is deleting*heilee my speel is self delething let's run to class!!aah!!!
over a year ago Stellawinx4eva said…
Hailee:Omigod *runs to class and slips into seat and files nails*
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:Aaaaa....whats going on?
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
bubble:chelsea if you whant to not be late run to good maniers class fast!
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:Aia!!!!(runs and shouts back0I will see u all later okay,bye!
over a year ago samoangirl96 said…
teine:see ya chelsea! nice to meet you. we should probably get back to our classes, ya know before we get in trouble.
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea in class.

Dufor:Stay away,had enough of those nicey stuff with spell of faces and ummm!!!!!!
Chelsea:ok(sits at at a bench slowly and takes notes)
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:miss dufour can we do something now?!! we have meny studints allready!
miss dufour:okey!page 400 read it all!*new book apear.everybody opens her.and she transforms in to an evil book*now think of your powers think of good maniers and make this book good agen.whit out jusing magic!
Noel:wtf!*dufour makes her book bigger*
dufour:every bad word and your book will grow!
Noel:hello dear book!why are you attacking my?!did I did something wrong to you?!
Book:well no!*stops be angry*you see it's my job to teach you and I must be angry for 10 mins so they wud pay my
Noel:*gives kiss to book*is that unof for you to stop?!
Noel:miss dufour I gooded my book!
dufour wery good!
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Roxy:*Gets 2 class*Hello Professor!
Wizgiz:Well hello again!
Roxy:*Sits down*So,wat r we going 2 do 2day?
Wizgiz:2day we will b taking notes.
Roxy:*Sighs*Alright,*Takes out a notebook and a pencil*
Wizgiz:*With a wave of hand,loads of words appear*There u go!
Roxy:*Mouth drops*Oh joy...*Starts writing*
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:we should get going too!*runs in to grizeldas class*did I mist something?!
over a year ago samoangirl96 said…
teine:*walks into class and looks* What! were taking notes!
wizgiz:yes miss Teine, now get to writing
teine:sure whatever!*mumbles under her breath*
wizgiz:what was that?
Teine:oh nothing*takes her seat and gets to writing*
over a year ago CyD12 said…
Terra: (gets in her class) hey Proffesor!
Palladium: nice to see you again girls, pleace sit down
Terra: (sits down) so what are we going to do today?
Palladium: (1 book appears in front of every girl) those are spells most read them and choose 5 and write them down.
Terra: just that? just write?
Palladium: for now, yes
Terra: wow how easy!
Palladium: and for next class you most memorize one of those spells and do it here in class
Terra: ough! I should talk! (opens the book)
over a year ago Ember89 said…
Bloom: (thinking: why did I agree to take this class?!)
over a year ago Tasfee said…
~Chelsea in Grizelda's class.~

Chelsea:Good afternoon Ms......Grizelda(gulps).
Ms Grizelda;Good afternoon Ms Heathers.Sit down.
Chelsea:(Sits down and sees a girl staring at her and replied)Hello?
Girl:Hello???My name is Candy.
Chelsea:(can't keep but laugh)Sorry,haha!Cool name.
Candy:Arghhhh.......(thinks) i know a way to ground her.haha.(puts paper balls on Chelsea desk and throws some at Grizelda)
Grizelda:WHO DID THAT????!!!??!!!!(sees Chelsea's desk) dare u Ms Heathers?First day,and u already started!
Chelsea:But Ms......
Grizelda;No buts!Go out of the class and a week detention for u!
(Chelsea runs out crying)
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over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:(think:so that candy girl is evil.)miss grizelda can I show you what I can in a batle whit candy girl?!
Candy:I am not fighting her!
Grizelda:as you wish miss melody!bettel!
Melody:(telepatick mesagge to chelsea if you what to see how i gonna kick candy girl but come out side:))*everybody get's out side*
grizelda:there are 3 roles.1. you can hit your friend(candy/melody)just whit week speels so you wudin't hurt wery much!2.everybody else can't help/can help olny if frend get wery hurt and you now wery good healing speel! and will fight in you enchantix not bilievix!
Melody:what?!I bin in enchantix eges ago!
Candy:pity I am allready in enchantix!.enchantix!*she transform.grizelda takes some of melodys power so she wud be in enchantix.melody transform too*
Melody:this is our losing day candy!
Candy:oh no this is my wining day!you see I never lose!
last edited over a year ago
Melody:(think:so that candy girl is evil.)miss grizelda can I show you what I can in a batle whit can
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:(drying tears)Come on Melody!U can do it!
A girl:yay!Go get her,she is always bullying us around.
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:so you what to play candy?!!enchented sound!
Candy:ah!!! stop that noise!!!!
Melody:I don't hear enything sweety!
Candy:minde cadys!*nose in her head disapear*candy storm!!
Melody:music sheild!music wave!*hit's candy*oh sorry I hitted you!
Candy:invisible candy*ses couetly.and wery big candy apear behaid melody*attack!*big candy hit's melody and she wals on the flor*
Grizelda:the fight is over and-
Melody:fight is not over!ah!!!!*large mikrafone apear near melody*voice of demon!*candy head starts to get bigger bigger and bigger*
Girzelda:stop it melody melody melody!!!
Melody:*she stops the attack*
grizelda:winner is melody!
Candy:that's unfair she jused wery bigg speel I cud dai!
Grizelda:but she stoped.I know that you wudin't.for you miss melody tomorow you can stay at your room because to you and your friends from my class tomorow will be a free dai!
Melody:oh tnx you miss grizelda but can you now give my powers beck?!
Grizelda:oh sorry!
over a year ago 30degrees said…
(on Faina`s class...)

Faina: ough! this spells are really long!
Palladium: you most start memorize one spell
Faina: but where are we going to get all this plants and stuff?
Palladium: I organizaded a special trip to the forest in front of Alfea...Everyone in this class is coming with me to the forest and you will get all the things you need
Faina: cool! and when are we going to do this trip?
Palladium: today after class
over a year ago CyD12 said…
big smile
Terra: we are getting out of this class?
Palladium: but just after we finish!
Terra: (copies the last potion) finish! can we go now?
Palladium: make a list of the materials you need for the potion and then we go...
Terra: ok...hhhmmm what potion should I choose? (looks at the different potions) oh this one looks cool! it makes you know ppls moods and feelings! maybe we could use it to see Faina`s true feelings for Jake! (giggles and smiles at Faina)
over a year ago Tasfee said…
*Chelsea comes in Terra's class*
Chelsea:Um.....hello Terra.I know i am not in this class but guess who gave me punishment to sit for he next three days just because big spells r used in battles*sighs*
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:never mess whit my got it!
Candy:no I didin't listen today after classes we will fight agen!
Melody:I can't it's my friends queen becoming day!
Candy:sure we cud fight at there!
Melody:she wudin't let you in and you wud dai because it's under water!
over a year ago Ember89 said…
Bloom: wow melody you kicked candys butt!! (laughs) but why did grizelda make you battle her?
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:tnx bloom.she didin't make us she leted us to batlle you see candy throed paper at grizelda but chlsea wus "risponsible" for it.
Grizelda:so candy did it not chelsea?!
Grizelda:find her and bring her beck to class!
Melody:sure miss!(telepatick mesagge to chelsea:hey come beck to class!your punishment is over:))
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:(gets the message) Ummmmm...bye guys.(with melody)Thx Melody,Candy won't be showing her face for a long time.
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:yeah! I gonna bettel her agen some day:(
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:i hope next time its me,not u.I need to get independent and fight for myself.
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
M:don't worry it's just she is a jurk.I mean her name is like boy name :)
over a year ago TDWC_lover said…
big smile
(on Gwen`s class...)

Gwen: (finish writing the materials) ok proffesor! we are ready
Palladium: good, now lets go! (they go to the forest in front of Alfea) look for everything you need, but dont get too far!
Gwen: (looks around) what should I look first?
Nimfea: (gets there) hey Gwen! I heard you will be here so I came with Zing and Jolly to help you
Gwen: cool! actually I need to find this flower (shows the flower) could you help me?
Nimfea: sure! (strats looking)
over a year ago Tasfee said…
big smile
Chelsea:(Comes to Gwen)Hey Gwen!What r u doing?Can i help?
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:*sees gwen and chelsea leaving alfea*hey guy wait for my!
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:Hey Noel!I was just thinking to help Gwen to gather some ingredients.U wanna help?
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:Looks like Gwen has got extra hands.So,what do u want us to find Gwen????
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
*Roxy in class*

Roxy:*Sighs in frusturation*Can we please do something else?
Wizgiz:Fine fine,take a break and meet me back in class in 30 minutes!
Roxy:Thnxs!*Closes book and walks out*
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:(comes outta class)Hi Roxy,what r u doin'????
over a year ago samoangirl96 said…
teine:yes! another break! my hands were starting to cramp up!
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:Oh come on,the lessons were not that hard were they?
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Roxy:No,not really,bue he made us take notes 4 who knows how long *Laughs*
Athena:In that amount of time u should have taken some excellent notes!
Roxy:Hehe,umm kinda
Athena:*Rolls eyes* Oh boy...
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:hey gwen do you now how does your flower looks like?because I have a feeling that it's on black mud swomp!
over a year ago TDWC_lover said…
Gwen: well here is the piic (shows it) I think you are right! its on black mud swamp...and I think the flowers Terra and Faina need are there too!
Nimfea: then we should go there...
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Roxy:That would b cool!But I've heard that Black Mud Swamp is a very dangerous place...
Athena:Yes,I know.I've red a lot about the place.Dangerous creatures and plants.
Roxy:But we have Gwen!So I dont think there should b a problem!*Laughs*
Athena:U r so prejuidice
Roxy:*Pouts*I am not!
Athena:U r so!
Roxy:Im not!
over a year ago Ember89 said…
( in grizeldas class)

Bloom: ms grizelda? Are we done class for the day?
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:(sitting in a hammock)Man!!!That was the toughest day,i can't believe i chose 3 classes,all at the same day!!!!!!Ow man,my head hurts!!!
over a year ago CyD12 said…
Terra: I cant imagine how you feel Chelsea! I just have 1 class and my head hurts...but you! you had 3!!! that most be horrible!!
Jolly: (rolls eyes at Terra`s comment) I think you should rest Chelsea!
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:run's near terra*hey chelsea you should rest!it's good that we wudin't go to grizeldas class tomorow.I can make relaxing music for ya
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:ow,thnx Melody.Man,i never studied this much in my life!
Marianne:Neither did i ever see anyone study that much.
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:*makes relaxing music*
noel:hum gwen I hope you wudin't paind if I sing relaxing song?*gwen shakes her had*tnx!*starts to sing.chelsea can feel good and relaxing energy from forest*
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Roxy:*Closes eyes*Ahh,Noel,that music is really peaceful and soothing...
Athena:*Rests on Roxy's shoulder*Yes...Quite....
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:Really peaceful........(phone rings....prrrt...brrrtttt)
Sorry guys,excuse me......

(On the phone)
Arrow:U can stop doing that,get here now,the project needs to be finished now...
Chelsea:NOW!!!!!I just finished 3 classes at the same time and.....
Arrow:U r a strange...strange 17 year old.This can get us extra marks.
Chelsea:Arghhhh!!!!!Fine,i will get there.......

(keeps phone down and faints)
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:*stops music.and her flate disapear*chelsea!*get's her phone and looks who called her*arrow?!*calls beck*hey you arrow because of you chelsea just fainted and you will not call her till I let you!go it!!!
over a year ago 30degrees said…
Faina: oh no! Chelsea!! (gets near her) =S! she is over-stressed! we better take her inside! (they get inside) look! Chelsea is waking up! thx God! (smiles) Gwen! could you make a tea for Chelsea?
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:don't worry chelsea tath arrow will never disturb you agen!!(she fats get up and her face got everz stresed)
all twinx:MELODY!
noel:moving bubble!*takes chelsea beck*don't worry chelsea!
over a year ago samoangirl96 said…
teine:what happen is chelsea alright?
livy:yeah, i think she is she's just over stressed.
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:she didin't say enythinh bad!
over a year ago samoangirl96 said…
teine:don't get mad at her! she only told me what was going on!
over a year ago CyD12 said…
Terra: girls! would you turn down the volume plz? Chelsea needs to rest!
over a year ago Ember89 said…
Bloom: I think everyone could use some rest...

Beast Boy: I think I'll just go outside and make sure Sean Daniel or the wizards won't show...(turns into a eagle and flies off)
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:(wakes up)Girls????Arrow was calling...and then........
Marianne:Chelsea,nothing,u need to rest!
Chelsea:Rest!How can i rest with that guy and project bothering me again and again!!!!!!
Chelsea:I need to go and finish the project for once and for all.Bye girls(leaves)
Marianne:She will never listen,will she(smiles)
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:stop it chelsea!moving bubble will you stop that he will wait!
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:I am fine noel,that dude is so gonna get it!
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:I don't care!that guy can get 2!you must rest!if you will not I will lock you!
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Roxy:Noel!Chill,first of all,I think that Chelsea should tell us who this 'Arrow' guy is.We'll cross that bridge wen we get there.
Athena:I agree.We dont know who this guy is,and we should learn a few things about him b4 we face him.
over a year ago samoangirl96 said…
teine:face him? like in a battle? okay then????
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:Not a battle Teine,he is a strange guy who only cares about stupid project,and now wants to meet me cuz he finished the whole project for me and wanted to ask me something.
Marianne:I think he wants a date with Chelsea.
Marianne:(simply smiles)
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
noel:sorry roxy!I agree marianne!
Melody:my too! you should be a cople!
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:With him????
Marianne:Why not?
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:yeah why not?
over a year ago CyD12 said…
big smile
Terra: Chelsea and Arrow sitting on a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! (laughs) I think you make a cute couple!
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:Terra!!!(chases after her)
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:chelsea love arrow and arrow loves chelsea!totaly cute!
over a year ago CyD12 said…
big smile
Terra: (laughs) they totally love eachother! (laughs again)
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Roxy: *Giggles* This is pretty funny, dont u agree Athena?
Athena: *Shrugs* Meh
over a year ago samoangirl96 said…
teine:see now that makes more sense!
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:*sees chelsea becoming all red*hey you are red that means you agree whit us!
over a year ago samoangirl96 said…
Teine:I think it does
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:N0el!CHASES HER WID B00k)
over a year ago samoangirl96 said…
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:Ok i am through with Arr.....(phone rings,sees Arrow's name)Aaaaa.....(receives)

Arrow:Where r u?U were suppose to meet me here an hour ago!
Chelsea:Don't get a cow,im coming ok....
Arrow:In 5 mins princess!Or im gonna......
Chelsea:Do what?
Arrow:Tell the principal about it,now come here!
Chelsea:SURE!(LOUDER)WHY NOT!(hangs up)

(In the other side)
Arrow:Man,she's stubborn!

(Chelsea's side)
Chelsea:Aaaa!!!I hate him!
over a year ago samoangirl96 said…
Teine: Arrow, I'm guessing.
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:aha!now chelsea go:P
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea;D0 i have any 0ther 0pti0ns???
over a year ago samoangirl96 said…
Teine: Not show up. That's what I'd do. *laughs*
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:you will hurt his feelings!that's bad!
MElody:you can't not go there!say you are really sick!
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:I think m is c0rrect!
Marianne:N0 she's n0t{pinches Mel0dy}
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:hey!*pushes merianne*
over a year ago Ember89 said…
Bloom: just go and talk to him!
Beast Boy: yeah talk with him I bet he really loves you!
Bloom: just give it a shot you won't know if you don't try!
over a year ago samoangirl96 said…
Teine: Do whatever you want, but I'm telling you if it were me I'd not show.