Winx Club Roxy Twinx Role Play! Alfean Classrooms!

lovebaltor posted on Aug 04, 2010 at 03:59PM
No crime and fighting here!Just plain old,ordinary classrooms where of course,we do schoolwork.

The girls can chose which class that they would like 2 participate in.

They all must at least chose 1 class 2 participate in and recieve a passing grade.

The Classes go as followed:

Potionnology:Palladium is certainly giving u a run 4 the grade.U most complete a very difficult potion in order to recieve the good grade:Verictaserum.A potion that makes the drinker spill their darkest,and deepest secrets.Made un-properly could b catastrophic.*CyD12,30degrees & TDWC_lover have joined*

Metamorphosimbiosis:Wizgiz' class.Oh Joy.2 recieve ur grade u must b able to transform a simple little lizard,into a great,fire breathing dragon.(And also make sure that ur dragon doesnt burn down the whole school!) *Lovebaltor, & samoangirl96 have joined. 1 more member may join*

Extreme Magic-Defense:Class with Grizelda?Things couldnt get possibly any worse!Well,it just did.2 receive ur grade u battle,and defeat 1 of ur most trusted companions.*Winxlove2 has joined,2 others may join*

Good Ways Class:U must prove 2 Professor DuFour that u can have proper manners in front of the King and Queen of Eraklyon 2 recive a passing grade.(Without making a single mistake or embrrassing urself!) *Winxlove2,& Stellawinx4ever have joined.1 other may join*

Well,those r all of the classes!Try ur best and good luck!(Trust me,u'll need it)Oh,I forgot 2 mention that only 3-4 ppl may join a class.

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over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Roxy:*Looks at the list*OOh!They all look so hard!
Athena:Of course there hard Roxy!U wouldnt expect these classes 2 b a walk in the park would u?!
Roxy:*Sighs*Fine,lets see...Well,I guess either Palladium or Wizgiz'class seems ok.
Athena:I think that u would do better in Wizgiz' Class!
Roxy:I guess ur right...Now wat?
Athena:Say which class u would like 2 take and it will save ur name next 2 the particular class.
Roxy:Ok?Wizgiz' class please!
Voice:*Bright light appears and Roxy's name is written next 2 Wizgiz' class*Roxy is the 1st 2 sign up 4 Metammorphosimbiosis class.
Roxy:*Shrugs*Ok than,*Walks off 2 the class*
over a year ago samoangirl96 said…
Teine:*looks at the lists of classes* Hey Livy look at the classes!
Livy:*flutters over on to Teine's shoulder* Ooh! The Potionnology class Teine! That one seems cool
Teine:Nahh, Maybe the Extreme Magic-Defense class, that's seems cool
Livy:Well i wouldn't take that class!
Teine:Why not? *Looks at the class and sees the teacher* Oh Grizelda's teaching the class?! No thanks you
Livy:Well now your down to two classes, Good Ways Class, and Metamorphosimbiosis. So Which one is it?
Teine:Metamorphosimbiosis, seems like fun!
Livy:Transform a lizard into a dragon! sounds scary!
Teine:No it sounds cool! Sign Me up for Wizgiz' class! Please and Thank you!
voice:*Teine's name appears* you are the second to to sign up for Metamorphosimbiosis class.
Teine:Who was the first?
Livy:*looks at the list* Roxy was.
Teine:Cool guess we'll see her there*Goes to class*
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:men I hate grizeldas classes but I need to fight better!!pleaz sing my up to Extreme Magic-Defense !
Voice:*her name apear in list*you arew first one in this class!
Noel:I am princess so I need manier class.I whant to join Good Ways Class!
Voice:*her name apears in list*first one in this class!
Melody:in what class did you join noel?
Noel:good maniers!y?
Melody:better fighter!
Bubble:cool!!!hey Twinx when everybody will sing inn we cud go to white horce!
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over a year ago CyD12 said…
big smile
Terra: hhhmmm...what class should I choose?
Jolly: you have 4 options to choose
Terra: let me see *looks at the list* a class with Grizelda? no thanks! Good ways? well...I am a princess but I dont like that kind of stuff. Metamorphosis? it look cool! *looks at the Potionnology* but that looks even cooler!
Jolly: so you decided already?
Terra: yep! sign me to Potionnology class please!
Voice: *her name appears in the list* you are the first one to join to this class!
Terra: cool! *gets in the class*
over a year ago 30degrees said…
Zing: choose metamorphosis!! a gigantic Dragon will be sooo cool!
Faina: well that could be an option *looks at Potionnology* oh I like that class!
Zing: ough! but you cant make a dragon in that class!
Faina: but I can learn to make a potion to make ppl tell their most darkess secrets!
Zing: oh thats cool! choose that one!
Faina: *giggles* sign me to Potionnology class please!
voice: *her name appears in the list* you are the second to join to this class!
Faina: cool! who was the first? *looks at the list* oh it was Terra! thats cool! *gets in the class*
over a year ago TDWC_lover said…
Gwen: *looks at the list of classes* oh I know exactly what class I am going to choose!
Nimfea: let me guess. potionology?
Gwen: yep! since I am a potion fairy it should be easier!
Nimfea: but you already know about potions! shouldnt you go to class to learn new things?
Gwen: thats right! I dont know a potion that makes ppl tell their darkess secrets! and maybe I could learn how to get stronger!
Nimfea: you have a point!
Gwen: sign me to potionology class please!
Voice: *writes her name in the class* you are the third one to join in this class
Gwen: cool, thanks! *looks at the other ones in the list* hey look! Terra and Faina are in my class!
Nimfea: that means you are going to talk a lot in class!
Gwen: *giggles* yeah maybe! hehe *gets in the class*
over a year ago Ember89 said…
Bloom: darn...potionology would have been fun...
Lockette: what about metamorphosisis?
Bloom: no
Lockette: good ways class?
Bloom: (sighs) no
Lockette: what about class with grizelda?
Bloom:not going to happen!!
over a year ago Stellawinx4eva said…
Hailee:*taps chin* hmm should i pick good ways or fighting ehh i already know how to fight now i'll pick good ways please sign me up to good ways class please
Voice:*Her name appers on the list* you are the second in your class
Hailee:huh? who's the first? *looks on the list* oh Noel is the first thats cool
Glim:patoot (translation:don't go talking)
Hailee:You always ruin my fun
Glim:*Shake head*
Hailee:*walks in class*
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over a year ago Ember89 said…
Bloom: This is so hard...
Lockette: well wich class did you want?
Lockette: there's already 3 students though...
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
noel:*get's in class*cool Heilee we are in same class!I wunder what wud be if I wud chose lizard to dragon class.
Bubble:you wud lear how to transform things!
Noel:bubble!how did you get here!? I told you to stai at rokoluchy!
Bubble:you are not my quen!you can say what I should do!
Noel:*puches her hand*whana bet?!
Bubble:*invisible hand is smashing bubble*let my go noel!noel!
Melody:*walk in coridor ans see whats happening in every class.sees noel*Noel stop!
Noel:shutt up!
Melody:you esk for it!Music Wave!*hit's noel and she stops her bad work*
Noel:AH!sorry bubble!I didin't new what's hepenning!
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Professor DuFour:*Sees wat happened*Miss Melody and Miss Noel!Wat is going on here?*Looks at Bubble,than 2 Noel,than 2 Melody.Folds arms and taps foot irritably on the floor*Im waiting!
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:sorry I am nervis.I get out of control sometimes.
Melody:I whanet to save this little pixie miss.
Bubble:hey I wus attack!
Noel:okey I will go to faragonda now!*goes out of class and crys*
Melody:Noel wait!
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Professor DuFour:*Runs after Noel.Catches up with her*I never said that you have 2 go 2 the Headmisstreses office,I was just wondering wat was going on.Miss Melody said that she wanted 2 save a pixie?Mayb u got a little 2 aggitated.That happens,now,I want u 2 apologize to that little pixie and 2 Melody.Alright?It just doesnt feel right letting u haul urself into Faraginda's office.Now,1nce u've apologized,everything will b alright,ok?
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:okey miss.Sory melody!*makes a purple flover*take this!
Melody:oh tnx.I forgive you.friends?
Bubble:I got your drin!
Melody:can I get this drink too?
Noel:no it's olny for my so I wudin't lose my see
I am a princess and I must get to my ocean in 48 hours or I will lose my feet.I drink this drink and it make that time to 72 hours.
Melody:it cud happen to my too?'s just for princesses.and I lost contol becouse 1 hour wus left.
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Professor Dufour:*Smiles and walks over 2 her desk*Well,it seems that not all of ur friends have chosen which class they want 2 participate in,so,we will just sit here and wait.Or,*Snaps fingers and a pile of books appear.They levitate and place themselvs in front of Noel and Hailee*Turn 2 page 394 and read silently 4 30 minutes.*Smirks and sits back down at her desk*
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:no!!let's wait!I wudin't start studing when all ppl will sing inn!
Bubble:shut up and listen!*sees tune flying in class*tune?!
Noel:Tune?! Musas pixie!?
over a year ago TDWC_lover said…

Gwen: *sits in a desk in the middle of Terra and Faina* hey girls! it looks like we are having classes together! *smiles*
Nimfea: Jolly, Zing I think we should go to the rooms and wait till the classes are over
Gwen: good idea! Wait for me in my room! and dont go anywhere!
Nimfea: ok...*leaves with the other pixies* so...when do we start our class?
over a year ago Stellawinx4eva said…
Hailee:*stares at pile of books* Lets wait
over a year ago Ember89 said…
Bloom: oh boy...the only class left is grizeldas class....
Lockette: maybe it won't be too bad..
Bloom: it's like bootcamp for fairys! So not happening!
over a year ago CyD12 said…
Terra: *in her class* its cool that we have calsses together! *smiles* uummm proffesor palladium, when do we start with the class?
Palladium: first I need you to memorise some potion spells *some books appeared in their desks* page 4 potion #6
Terra: *looks at the book* wow it is huge! *sighs* guess we better start
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:okey!I will gonna read this book but my way!*aqurium apears and in it a reader fish*hey sweety can you help my?!
Reader fish:sure princess!
Noel:*moves book to aquarium*
Profesor Dufour:miss don't!get her weet! you will do your tast next week! anothers learn fan's in page 304!
Noel:sorry guys!
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Roxy:*In Class*Augh,im soo bored...*Facepalms*Wen is Wizgiz going 2 get here?
Athena:Right about...Nnow!
Wizgiz:*Walks in*Well hello girls!
Roxy:*LIfts head up.Quickly grabs Athena and hids her*Hello!
Wizgiz:There's no need 2 hide ur pixie now Miss Roxy.
Roxy:Oh,right...hehe...*Whispers*Athena,g­o back 2 our dorms,Ill meet u there as soon as class is over.
Athena:*Nods and flies out*
Wizgiz:I would also like 2 note that if any1 else has a pixie that their pixie should leave also.We wouldnt want them 2 get hurt now would we?
Roxy:*Laughs nervously*
Wizgiz:Now,b4 we start transfiguring lizards into dragons,I think we should practice the spell first.We woulfnt want any malfunctions!
Roxy:*Swallows thinking:Man,this elf is creepin' me out!*
Wizgiz:Now,I am going 2 give u a feather that u will transform into a finch.Much smaller,and less-devastating consequences.
Roxy:*Receives a feather and so does Teine*
Wizgiz:Now.2 do this spell,u must tap ur finger 3 times on the animal and say very clearly:Vereverto.Understand?
Wizgiz:Alright,than,go on!
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over a year ago samoangirl96 said…
Teine:*nods* um okay *taps the feather 3 times* Vereverto
suddednly the feather began to shine then a finch showed up in its place
teine:did i do it right??
wizgiz:well let's see *walks over and takes a look at it then nods* pretty good, just next time concentrate a little bit more
Teine:*nods* okay
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:miss grizelda when do we star to attack!?
Grizelda:when I want to!


reader fish:bul bul bul bul bul bul bul!(translate: queen will make a little move whit her fan!
Noel:boring!I now all those moves!
over a year ago Ember89 said…
Bloom: lockette for the last time I am not going to let the so called queen of detention teach me! I'm good at fighting and defending myself!
Lockette: are you going to pick a class?
Bloom: no...