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Guide by dragons0214 posted over a year ago
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The purpose of cleaning your dream catcher is to empty it of the dream spirits living there. You must preform it every six months.
1.take down dream catcher
2. Weave yarn or string through the dream catcher until you have a square spiral.
3. Open door and/or window(so spirits can escape)
4. Think:over the course of the last emptying, this spirit trap has been engulfed with unwanted spirits. By my powers, these spirits are free.
5.pull out yarn/string, and wait thirty seconds before closing your door/window.
6. Leave a tiny chest/drawer open for a spirit to live in overnight.

It is very important to release this spirit the next emptying or else it will curse you or cast a spell on you.
Article by hiddennobodie posted over a year ago
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Goddess of Healing let it begin,
Heal out and heal within.
Heal this Spirit,
Heal this skin.
Goddes of Healing let it begin.

Things you need:
7 grams of Sage(for healing)
1 pink carnation(for beauty)
100mL of water


1. Burn the Sage and hove it over the area desired.
2. Give the carnation to the person and both of you imagine the wound or cut gone.
3. Put the burnt Sage in the water. And then put your hand in the mixure and then kiss your fingers.
4. Start rubbing the area while Chanting the spell three time.

(Keep doing this once a week until the night of the full moon.)