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winxlove2 posted on Apr 26, 2012 at 10:12AM
Hey there Wizards and witches. This is the eating hall.this is where you eat and some school meetings happen here. we Hope you have a good time. And May the Odds by ever in your way

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over a year ago missdada15 said… thanks.
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Jack:why not?Izzy Gets along the another houses pretty good.
over a year ago missdada15 said…
Pansy:I stick to mine..also,you never know who is a mudblood and who isn't.
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Jack:you're a smart girl you can find that out*smirks*
over a year ago missdada15 said…
Pansy:Thanks for the advice*Smiles*It's time i move on..*stands up*I'll talk to you later,okay?
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Jack:yeah sure*smiles and waves*
over a year ago missdada15 said…

Dumbledore:*comes up on his 'stage' a mix of worry and sadnes in his facal expresion*My dear students..i'm sorry to anounc that,our proffesor of muggle dead.


Chris:*says with a grin*About time someone killed that filth.
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Izzy:*looks a her food olny and spins the spagety slowly*
over a year ago missdada15 said…
Dumbledore:She has beed cought by the..death eaters.

Luna:Nooo!That's not fair!*is on the ege of crying,burrys her face in Katys chest seeking confort*


Dumbledore:There are dark times ahead of us..but we must stay strong and we must stay together,we have one thing that Voldemort doesn't,we HAVE something that we are fighting for..freedom.
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Izzy:*sights and tries not to cry*
over a year ago missdada15 said…
Dumbledore:*looks down for a few seconds then looks back up*Enjoy your lunch.*gets down*

Tiana:*grins*Maybe she was just having sex with a muggle then her magical fat cagina acedently eat the poor man.

Some slytherins:*laugh*

Chris:*smirks*If she's gone then i didn't fail!I'm safe!

Tiana:Cheeres to that!*raises a glass to make a toast*To no more Ms.Blood Traiter

Chris:*raises glass*Ai!

over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Izzy:*stands up and leaves*
over a year ago missdada15 said…
Chris:What's her problem?

Tiana:Who cares*toasts with the other SLYs*


RAV Table:

Luna:*looks at the SLYs with a sad look* can they be so cruel?
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Katy:they are DE hey saw how she deid and didint do enything...they can...*hugs her*
over a year ago missdada15 said…
Luna:*hugs back and starts crying*
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Katy:sh sh..
Slytherin:aww look two litlle sluts cryings!!*alguths*
over a year ago missdada15 said…
Tiana:*laughs creepily*

Chris:Yeah..!haha..ha.*a bit scared*
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
katy:we're sluts huh? well atleast we fuck each another OLNY Tiana fucks with every hot chick and hot boys thought she ses she's lesbo. chris...well lets say I made him shit his pants badly
over a year ago missdada15 said…
Non slytherins:*laugh*

Chris:*blushes*Not true!

Tiana:*glares at her*I don't fuck with every guy,i just do it to if i have to..and so what?I don't like real relationships i would want to spend my whole life with just one person..that would suck..

Chris:They are such liers..

over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Katy:not Even Pansy?come on Tiana every one knows you used the Strong love posion on her and had sex
over a year ago missdada15 said…
Pansy:What?*looks up*

Chris:*grins*Yeah she did.

Tiana:It's just a stupid gossip..

Pansy:*glares at her*Now everything makes sence..*stands up*

Tiana:I can explain..

Pansy:Explain this!*takes Tianas glass of wine and spils it on her head*


SOme students:*laugh*

Pansy:*leaves the great hall angry and sad*
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
over a year ago missdada15 said…
Tiana:*takes a napken and cleans a bit then goes out as well*
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Katy:*starts eating too*
Harry:who are you? and how do you know so much cool stuff?
over a year ago missdada15 said…
Ron:You sure showed them!