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Rustyfireheart posted on Jul 13, 2010 at 08:49PM
Leader: Oakstar(RustyFireheart) Oak colored fur, with Ice blue eyes. Black paws and black rims around ears.She-wolf.Lives left:8
Apprentice: Lakepaw, and Blazepaw

Deputy:Riversplash(Mousefang) An all black she-wolf with light blue eyes.She is very nice, and caring.Lives left:5 Apprentice:Jetpaw

Medicine wolf: Hazeldragon(eeveelutions1) black she-wolf with hazel eyes.She is also very caring.
Apprentice:Snowcloud(Cwarney) A white she-wolf with blue eyes, Medicine wolf and apprentice.

Gamma/Guardian: Ice(Ravenfeather101) A Beautiful silver-blue she-wolf with white under her belly, with light blue eyes. She is very good at protecting.Apprentice: Brightpaw.

Nightwisper(Nightrider) Black male with white paws.Does not have an apprentice yet.
Angel(Ice_wolf)Black she-wolf with white across chest, left eye is teal and right is green, she also can bend ice.
Silver(daggerbats3) Black and white She-wolf, eyes are amber,White is around eyes
Dread(DreadlokEli)Male,Mud colored fur,Eyes are deep sea green,There is a red scar running down from his ear, to his eye, and it stops at his shoulder, his paws are pure black,he has no fur and his right ear,his tail is hazel-brown.
Koda(popa1)Bronze colored fur, male,pattern on his head it looks like a circle enclosing two swirls that are touching each other,His ankles have a ring around them,nearly gold in color, he has slim round claws that sharpen to a point if threatened,he has large,shiny blue eyes that turn red if he gets mad, his tail has a gray spiral line going down.
Slivermoon(Hannah_Vampire) A Sliver-white she Wolf with a marking an her eye. Her eyes are brown. Sister is mist.Apprentice: Flamepaw.
Snow:(zurtaradragon)Female, White fur with blue eyes. Apprentice: Nightpaw
Silverdream (Kittencutie11)A blue-Silver she-wolf with silver eyes, And a misty black mark on her side.
Dekoda(TeamPeeta649)Dark brown she-wolf with three white paws and a white muzzle and gray eyes.Apprentice: Spottedpaw.
River (Bluestar108) A white she-wolf with blue stripes and blue eyes.
Blacksnow(Billiejoe1995)White male wolf with a Black under coat

Apprentices:Jetpaw(zurtaradragon) Black male with blue eyes. Mentor:Riversplash
Nightpaw (zurtaradragon) Black male with blue eyes like his brother. Mentor: Snow
Lakepaw (zurtaradragon)White female with blue eyes. Mentor:Oakstar
Spottedpaw(Rustyfireheart)A ginger tom with dark ginger spots and Blue eyes, Mentor: Dekoda.
Flamepaw(Rustyfireheart) a ginger tom with green eyes. Mentor: Silvermoon.
Brightpaw(Rustyfireheart) A white she wolf with ginger patches and purple eyes. Mentor:Ice.
Blazepaw(jbinthehouse) - an auburn she wolf with glowing Amber eyes.

Pups: (None right now, But Wolves are expecting them)

Sky(orkneymatrix)An all black She-wolf with light blue eyes.Expecting pups.
Moonshine(Silverstream101)Black she-wolf with white spot on forehead,And silver stream-like marks on side. Expecting pups.
Brightshadow(Brownstar) A black female with light blue eyes. Expecting pups.

Starclan Wolves: Kodi(johnwayne) Golden pelt, With amber eyes, Male.

Lone Wolves:Mist(hannah_vampire)A black wolf,brown eyes, tough, Mystical and wise. Epicly awesome and one that fights.

Elders: (none. But when wolves reach to 9 or 10 of age they will become elders, and get respect for their protection)

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