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Wolfpaw6 said …
*looks at Star* there has been deer spotted in the woods not to far away I need you to take a group to hunt them down Posted 5 months ago
Leonie12 commented…
yes sir. *walks over to a group of 3 wolves* Hey! all of u need to come here. *they walk over* what? ask's a dark female wolf. Some deer has been spotted in the woods no too far away, and its our job to hunt them down. lets go! 5 months ago
Leonie12 commented…
*5 mins later* *star and other hunters are slowly sneaking up in a circle around the deer* 5 months ago
Wolfpaw6 commented…
*deer whispers to another pointing at the hunters* they think we can't see them even though the one with blue markings stands out clearly 5 months ago
Daiz11 said …
I love wolf's Posted 8 months ago
big smile
Canadahetalia said …
I love wolves has anyone ever heard of the book Wolves of the Beyound by Kathryn Lasky Posted over a year ago