I woke up on still on the floor and a burning sensation on my wrists. I looked down at them to see a bird on each. Great, now when Angela sees this she's going to freak out. I slowly pushed myself up. I looked into the mirror to see a very ugly person that looked a lot like me staring back.

"Shower time," I sang to myself. I quickly turned on my shower and took off my clothes. I wanted to get to the forest to find Sky. I washed my hair, making sure it's soft. I jumped out and dried myself off. I put on skinny jeans and a Blood on the Dance Floor shirt on. I ran outside, ignoreing the bacon smell. I ran down the street, heading for Sky's house. I stopped in front of the only house without a gate lining it. Sky's family is just so welcomeing. A little to welcoming.

I ran up to their driveway. They let me barge into their home, so that's what I did. Knowing that they are usually awake by now.

"Sky?!" I yelled. It was quiet. I yelled again. This time I heard feet coming down the stairs.

"Nikita, honey, Sky's not here we thought he was with you and then went to the forest," Sky's mom, Connie, said, holding my shoulders.

"He went to Angela's from my house," I said slowly.

"Go find him. I don't trust that woman." Connie's green eyes glowed, her wolf wanting to come out. I smiled devilishly and turned out of the house.

I made my way up the hill to Angela's. Her beige house is the biggest and has a private fence thing. I went to the side by a tall, climbing tree. I hopped over the fence with ease and ran to her door. I banged my fist against it.

"Where's Sky?" I yelled through the door. It opend with a shirtless Sky in the way. My mouth dropped to the cement porch. "Wh-what happened." I tried so hard no to studder or show my anger.

"Party," Sky said slowly and winced at my now red eyes.

"So why are you shirtless?" I yelled, punching his stomach. "And I thought you had night watch?"

"I thou-"

"Hey, Nikita," Angela came uo behind Sky with a bathrobe, looking me up and down. "I just thought he should have a break and party with the...better part of the pack."

"I'm better than you b-" Sky cut me off by pushing me down the porch steps and down the driveway.

"Go to the forest and run. Don't come back until you're calm." Sky's blue eyes started turning amber. They do that when he's mad or about to Change. "Go. Now." I growled and punched his chest, then I took off running. I Changed after I got past Angela's fence. Some of the younger pups came out of their homes, staring at me. I barred my teeth and pushed on. I want to find Hugo. I don't know why, but I do. I probably ran five miles before coming to a new neighborhood.

"Thunder Bird's Pack," I read the sign. Maybe this is his home.