Wolves Darkness of the Heart: Chapter Four, The Death of Sensuke

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"Daaaw, that's so CUTE!"Sensuke yelled."Beat it, fox!"Raven growled as she got off of Lucky."Make me, dog breath!"Sensuke growled back."Stop it!Both of you are acting like pups!"Lucky snarled.Sensuke and Raven sighed, then they both looked at eachother."Sorry"they both said angrily.Sensuke's nose twitched, then she took off torwards the river."That was wierd, I mean why would sh-"a gun shot went off near the river.Raven gasped, Lucky's jaw dropped."Sensuke!"Lucky yelled, he took off running to the river.He signalled Raven to stay were she is, so she did."You know he doesn't REALLY love you."Shadow whispered in Raven's ear."Your wrong, he does love me."Raven calmly said."Oh, now we BOTH know that's not true."Shadow whispered."SHUT UP!"Raven snarled.Shadow put his paw on the top of Raven's head, then disappeared.Raven's eyes turned dark red, and black bat wings sprouted from her back, her claws got sharper.She took off in the direction of the river.Meanwhile, Lucky was standing over Sensuke, she was dead, a bullet went through her heart."Sensuke..."Lucky said.He dragged her onto the bank and dug a hole in the ground, slightly larger than her."Lucky..."Sensuke whispered."Sensuke?"Lucky asked.Sensuke nodded slightly."Lucky, bury me in the river, please."Sensuke whispered.Lucky nodded and dug a hole in the shallow water.He knudged Sensuke to see if she was dead, she was, so he moved her into the hole before it was filled by sand.He filled the hole with the sand and dirt, he sat there for awhile.

Raven dropped from a tree, she was normal, but pretty beat up.Lucky turned around and saw her lying there."Raven!"he yelled as he ran over to her.Raven stood herself up, blood dripped from her mouth, and the irises of her eyes were now purple instead of blue."What happened?"Lucky asked."Shadow happened, he turned my eyes red and now they're half red, half blue: purple."Raven mumbled, Lucky licked the wound under her eye."I'm fine!"Raven said with an embarrassed tone, "Stop moving."Lucky ordered.Raven listened to him and he licked the wounds on her legs."I'm fine Lucky, honest!"Raven whined.Lucky stopped and looked her in the eyes."Sensuke is dead."Lucky said unhappily.Raven gasped, she saw Shadow sitting on the other side of the river.He had the features Raven had when he possessed her."Shadow."Lucky growled.Shadow flapped his wings and took off to the edge of the forest."Stay here!"Lucky growled, Raven stepped on his tail and glared."We're going together!"Raven snarled.Lucky glared at her and shook his head."No."Lucky growled.Raven took off past him torwards Shadow."To bad!"Raven called back.
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