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jenifferparker posted on Jun 01, 2011 at 02:32PM
as i recently lost about $100 i was wondering which online store for fashion do you trust?

After the bad experience I made a very good with

Which shops do you trust?


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over a year ago bperryyy said…
I online shop a lot, besides, i've recently found a new site..! this one you can actually shop clothes worn on your favorite tv shows..such as gossip girl && Pretty Little Liars. It's pretty cool you can even request items you want if they haven't been found yet!
over a year ago Anikki said…
Jen did you made a bad or a good order with
over a year ago jenifferparker said…
I made a good order with
6 orders now. No problem.
over a year ago susanwoo said…
I think you should trust it , if the store can supply detailed information and accept paypal or credit card payment , I always order from it , safe and good service
over a year ago ainsliejones said…
I like .I bought two dresses from their .I didn't get any problem in case of dress , delivery, quality .
over a year ago Wendy1983 said…
Hi jenifferparker my personal fav is
For Trust and choice.
over a year ago roneidaselva said…
One of the trustworthy site that i really would like to recommend is