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Was I sold 'fake' Steve Madden boots?

A little while ago I purchased a pair of Steve Madden Cablee boots in brown on Amazon UK from a reputable shoe retailer. They seem well made, but I've seen pictures of the boots on-line and mine DON'T look the same. They're lighter, matte looking and have a 'distressed' textured look. The box they came in had 'SM New York' on it, not 'Steve Madden' which I thought was strange. The bottom of the shoe and inside sole also says 'SM New York'. I've since bought 2 other pairs of Steve Madden boots. Both pairs arrived in boxes which had the full designer name/logo on it. They also clearly bore 'Steve Madden' on the inside/outer sole. The reason why I didn't contact the seller at the time was the (dodgy) photo on Amazon, in which the boots looked REALLY light, almost sandy coloured. It wasn't until I came across pics of the same boot on-line that I discovered how different they looked.
 delenasalvatore posted over a year ago
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bellabigsmiles said:
Maybe you were by all of the facts you have told me I think maybe you did get sold a fake pair
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posted over a year ago 
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