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Women's Shoes Question

Would girls DIY their own shoe? This would include picking what straps they want on their shoe from a selection of 6 colours or the size/angle of the strap. Or even picking the design of the zip or adding accessories to the shoe from 6 varieties.

Just need some feedback about a business idea of mine.
I want to create a brand of shoe that you can DIY yourself. This could include changing the colour/size of the straps easily (taking about 30 seconds to do) or adding spikes/or stylish accessories and even been able to change the zip. Each shoe will have six changeable straps to choose from in sizes small/medium/large or have six different varieties of accessories or zips to add. You can be as daring or safe as you please as each shoe will come with black straps as well as five other bolder colours/styles.
I feel that this is useful as you can design your own unique shoe to fit your mood or go along with what you want to wear.
Prices would be high street price probably costing £35-45 for the shoe and £5-£7 for the extra straps or accessories.
This would only be available on the internet, until popularity increased.
Please let me know your ideas and whether it is something you would do yourself?
 charlotte25 posted over a year ago
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