Blurb:A Warriors Spoof version of 2012. If you haven't read up to The New Prophecy, you should NOT read this fanfiction, or even continue reading the summary.
Leafpaw has received signs that the world in the forest would come to an end. Firestar thinks it's just like in the movie 2012, meanwhile. As events of apocaplypse progress, Firestar gets even more paranoid. How will this end...and what is the "true" story of what happened before the Great Journey?

Prologue: Leafpaw's Discovery

Cinderpelt sorted the herbs casually, organizing them in alphabetical order.

"All right," she murmured to herself, "is coltsfoot before yarrow, or is burdock before juniper? Man, if only I hadn't dropped out of apprenticeship!"

Meanwhile, her faithful apprentice, Leafpaw, turned her iPhone on in her headphones blasting. Cinderpelt heard the strange music coming from her ears.

The medicine cat rolled her eyes. "Teenagers."

Leafpaw was contentedly listening to the dance beats of Basshunter.

"All I ever wanted, was to see you smiling! All I ever wanted was to make you mine! I know that I love you, oh baby why don't you see that all I ever wanted was you and me!"

"ARE YOU READY?!" sounded from the iPhone after a pause.

Leafpaw then did a breakdance across the den, twirling in a 360 motion, making sure her head was spinning on the ground.


The apprentice took out the headphones, and the dance music still blasting.

"Turn that rediculous thing off!" the medicine cat growled.

"Sorry." Leafpaw turned it off.

"Why don't you do something useful and go see if StarClan sent us an e-mail?"

She nodded, heading to the official StarClan tracker computer. Going onto the internet, she typed her adress in: thunderclanprincess2.

"You've got mail!" a monotonous voice bellowed.

Everytime the thing said that, Leafpaw would bristle from being so startled. It was definitely an e-mail from StarClan.

Attention All Medicine Cats

All of a sudden, there was loud ancient 80s music. A strange Twoleg with a large microphone was dancing, wearing very tacky shoes.

You just got Rick Rolled!

"What the NoStars?" Leafpaw meowed.

Just something to keep your spirits up, fellow medicine cats, it continued, since you're all going to die.

There are dark times coming for our forest. There will be mass destruction, famine, and a phenomenal death toll. Inform your leader of the news.

See you in StarClan!

-Cats of StarClan

P.S: You're gonna die.

Leafpaw was strangely terrified by the message. Her breath was in a rapid gasp. "Cinderpelt!"

The medicine cat cumbered by the computer. "What is it now?"

Cinderpelt read the message, and she also reacted the way her apprentice did.

"What do we do?" she asked.

"Well," Cinderpelt meowed, "let's just hope that Roland Emmerich is writing the script; John Cusack's not a bad choice, either."

"What are you meowing about?!"

Cinderpelt looked at her apprentice with a grave expression. "It's the end of the world."