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posted by silverheart
Dovewing with her newborn kits
Dovewing with her newborn kits
I didn't want it to happen. I never even dreamed of it but it did. I was laying down in the grass in agony. It wasn't my fault! Was it? I couldn't think of that now tho i had to get to safty. Somewhere no cat would think to look. Then the idea popped into my head.

I ran or in this case dragged myself into the cover of a large bush where I caught birds frequently. Then I felt a huge pain. I layed on the ground and pushed as hard as I could and then all of the sudden the pain was gone. I looked down to see four lovley kits trying to get to the fresh scent of milk.I pushed them up to me so I could keep them warm and my mind wandered for a moment: they are so beautiful then a pain of realization came over me. I couldn't possibly keep them! their father was from Shadowclan! And I was a Thunderclan queen Bumblestripe would probley assome they were his.

One kit was grey with short fur like me, another was a spotted she-kit and then there was the other one....the one that looked almost identical to Tigerheart. Yes you probley guessed by now but my name is Dovewing. Then when i took my look to the final kit my heart skipped a beat. It hadnt moved from where it was perched near my belly. I tried to hold back tears then i slowly roused the unmoving ball of fur closer to me and I noted it was a girl a beautiful white one with a single brown tail tip. From then it was decited I named the gray one mistkit then spottedkit and brackenkit when i looked at the final kit i chose to name her cloudkit even if she was gone. Then there was one more decition 2 be made: What would I do with them?